Blog featuring mostly 

Paranormal Books.
Including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
and Young Adult.

But hey, as long as it has at
least SOME Romance in it I'm a happy girl.
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Thank you everyone who thought of me for these awards!
They mean a lot to me, as do all of you. :)

Stylish Blogger Award

Received From:

05/18/2011 – Tracy from Tracy’s Treasure of Books (my response post)
05/19/2011 – Jodie from Riverina Romantics (my response post)
05/19/2011 – Sue from Satin’s Bookish Corner
05/19/2011 – Alyssa from HesperialLovesBooks

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Received From:

05/31/2011 – Lauren from Lauren’s Book Bag
06/01/2011 – From Reading Romances
06/12/2011 – Sinn from Sinnful Books

The Versatile Blogger Award

Received From:

05/31/2011 – Sinn from Sinnful Books

I Dig Your Blog Award

Received From:

09/05/2011 – Sue from Satin’s Bookish Corner
09/06/2011 – _yay_ from Book That Thing

One Lovely Blog Award

Received From:

02/15/2012 – From Jump Into Books
02/16/2012 – Mel from Journey With Words
02/25/2012 – Whitney from Burnt Pages

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