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July Random Reads (32): Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise

Random Reads

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming back to participate in Random Reads this month!

Last month I picked and read Briar Rose by Jane Yolen. I finished it and it was okay, not a favorite though. You can read my review for it here. I still need to finish my Random Read for April though, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I did start it and got about halfway through but I need to find the motivation to finish it this month.

In short, Random Reads is a meme where we pick a random book from our shelf to read within the month. Feel free to do more than one per month, but since a lot of people have a lot of books to read each month, only one is “required” for the meme. I’m on Goodreads so I’m using a combination of the sorting feature and to pick the book I’m going to read.

Want to join in on Random Reads?

It’s easy…

  1. If you’re on Goodreads enable sorting to your to-read shelf (you should see numbers next to each book now).
  2. Go to and type in the Min as 1 and the Max as how many ever books are on your to-read shelf. Or you can enter a smaller number as the Max in order to always pick books that have been on your TBR shelf for longer.
  3. Scroll down to the book matching the number picks.
  4. Link up to your Random Reads post (below). If you choose more than one book per month, be sure to put a number by your name in the list so it doesn’t look like a duplicate.
  5. Read and be merry. :)

If you’re not on Goodreads just pick a random book from your list in whatever way you want to do it. You can use the method I used above or even just close your eyes and point randomly at a book on your bookshelf if you want (spin the bottle style). lol

Now onto this month’s Random Read! This month chose…

July 2014 Random Reads- Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise

#35 on my to-read (own) list, Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise, and it’s been on my to-read list since November 13, 2010.

I’m still liking keeping my max to 100 in order to pick older books. I’ll probably keep doing that.

I can honestly say though that I’m not looking forward to this read. The few chick lit books I’ve read I have not really been fans of at all. I probably should’ve just flat out deleted it from my list and picked a new book for this month. But, I’m not ready to completely give up on the genre altogether. I mean, I do love chick flicks, so you’d think I would like these kinds of books. But I guess they are different to read than to watch. Anyways, we’ll see. I’m not promising I’ll get all the way through it, but I’ll give it a try.

Random Reads Buttons

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Review: Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Title: Glass Houses
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: The Morganville Vampires, #1
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: NAL (Imprint of Penguin)
Date Published: October 3rd, 2006
Edition: eBook

College freshman Claire Danvers has had enough of her nightmarish dorm situation. When Claire heads off-campus, the imposing old house where she finds a room may not be much better. Her new roommates don’t show many signs of life, but they’ll have Claire’s back when the town’s deepest secrets come crawling out, hungry for fresh blood. Will she be able to face the town’s terror or will she drown like everyone else?

My Review:

Glass Houses is a book about a girl named Claire who, at sixteen, is super smart and just starting her freshman year at college because of graduating early. But, things aren’t that simple. Because Claire’s parents don’t want her going off to a big college until she’s a little older, they send her to Morganville, Texas — and there’s more to Morganville than first meets the eye.

After being pretty brutally harassed at school by some other girls she makes the decision to find off-campus housing. From there the story really begins, introducing some fun and colorful characters who are Claire’s only hope for surviving this crazy town.

I really liked this! When I picked it up I wasn’t really in the mood for a Young Adult book. After having just read Written in Red by Anne Bishop, I was really hoping to pick up another adult Urban Fantasy. But I wanted something now and had some limited choices from my library’s digital loan site. Thankfully Glass Houses didn’t entirely feel like a Young Adult book but had more of an adult Urban Fantasy feel to it which I liked. The entire story didn’t revolve around a guy (but yes, there was one, of course), and the threats presented were actually pretty daunting. So it’s really a good book for those who aren’t fans of YA or fans that are (like I said, a good in-between — but not New Adult necessarily).

Anyways, something about Glass Houses really grabbed me and sucked me in from the start. I don’t think it was the main character Claire so much as the story and mystery surrounding Morganville. I liked Claire alright after a little while, but at first she kind of seemed a little bit bland and weak. But she grew some backbone before the end of the book and I appreciated witnessing that happen.

I can’t say it’s a five star read because I just read a five star book and it doesn’t quite come up to par with that one, but it was really good! I can’t argue with a book that doesn’t let me put it down. I hope the story stays just as interesting in the books to come though and that my entire interest in it wasn’t blown when finding out all the mysteries Morganville had hiding under the rug. We’ll have to see…I’m on to the next one! :)

4.5 Hearts
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Review: Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Title: Written in Red
Author: Anne Bishop
Series: The Others, #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: NAL (Imprint of Penguin)
Date Published: March 5th, 2013
Edition: eBook

As a cassandra sangue, or blood prophet, Meg Corbyn can see the future when her skin is cut—a gift that feels more like a curse. Meg’s Controller keeps her enslaved so he can have full access to her visions. But when she escapes, the only safe place Meg can hide is at the Lakeside Courtyard—a business district operated by the Others.

Shape-shifter Simon Wolfgard is reluctant to hire the stranger who inquires about the Human Liaison job. First, he senses she’s keeping a secret, and second, she doesn’t smell like human prey. Yet a stronger instinct propels him to give Meg the job. And when he learns the truth about Meg and that she’s wanted by the government, he’ll have to decide if she’s worth the fight between humans and the Others that will surely follow.

My Review:

Written in Red is about a woman named Meg who is a cassandra sangue, aka a blood prophet. In her world, this is a very valuable commodity. After running away from her keepers, she stumbles upon the one place that might actually be able to protect her — if she doesn’t get killed by them first — the Courtyard. The Courtyard is the home of The Others — powerful shape shifters who see humans as nothing more than smart meat.

The great thing about Written in Red is…well, everything. Meg has a very sweet and innocent vibe to her and (in my opinion at least) she’s very hard not to like. The other characters are strong and likable, yet still dangerous and a bit scary. It’s strange to finally be reading a book where the monsters are actually monsters! They are pretty scary, especially if you get on their bad side, but also pretty badass of course. Even aside from the characters, the story is really interesting and kept me hooked. This world is one of the most interesting I’ve read about in a long time.

Really this was the perfect book to read to get me out of the reading rut I’ve been in lately. It’s captivating and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The constant threat was just the right amount of frightening and I wanted to get to know the characters even more by the time the book was through.

I don’t know what else to say without giving away too much. It’s a great book! I wish I would’ve picked it up sooner and I can’t wait until the next one comes in at my library. I would’ve happily jumped right into it if I could have gotten my hands on it.

P.S. Highly recommended for fans of the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning (or vice versa if you’ve read this and haven’t read those). Not because they are the same but because of the whole monsters who are monsters thing. The world’s in both are also very unique and unlike most other urban fantasy’s. I’m not going to say that I like this as much as the Fever series, but that’s only because the Fever series is very hard to live up to in my mind.

5 Hearts
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