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Paranormal Books.
Including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
and Young Adult.

But hey, as long as it has at
least SOME Romance in it I'm a happy girl.
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Reading Challenges

Hear are the challenges I am currently participating in. So far just the one, but I’m thinking I might want to try more this year. We’ll see. I’m kind of new to challenges so I want to see how I do on the one before I start in on a bunch of others. :) But if I start new ones I will add them here as well as in the sidebar.

*Note: Counters updated at the end of each month.

2012 TBR Reading Challenge
Read 24 books that have been on my TBR shelf December 2011 and before.
ARCs and New Releases don’t count.
[progpress goal=”24″ current=”8″ previous=”5″ label=”books”]

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