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Review Policy

The short answer is that I no longer accept requests for reviews or promotionals.

Want the long answer? Keep reading…

For as long as I’ve had this blog I’ve continually gone back and forth between wanting to accept review requests and not wanting to.

Sure it’s nice to read what everyone else is reading and/or reading something before most other people have the opportunity to. But with that benefit comes the challenge of balancing new books/ARCs with the other stuff you want to read.

Unfortunately this challenge has made reading a chore for me in the past.

Which I hate.

Reading is one of the very few releases I’ve found in my life that has remained consistent (even if my genres and preferences change from time to time). I’d like to keep it that way.

That being said I have decided that accepting review requests is just not for me. I’m sorry I can’t help support you (as an author) in this way. But it’s more important for me to keep my favorite hobby enjoyable by not making it a job.

As far as promotionals go my decision to not accept those anymore is really along the same lines as not accepting review requests. They take up a lot of time to schedule, organize, and format.

So I’ve decided that I’d rather support authors simply the good old fashioned way: by reading the books I choose then reviewing them honestly. Other ways I like to further support authors is by accepting reasonably priced site advertising and by creating freebies for other book bloggers such as mini series banners and team stickers, which are occasionally open for requesting.

That’s just how I roll.