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12 Quick Jolts of Author Inspiration


Sometimes the will to write is there. 

But the inspiration?

Anywhere else.

Try these resources to inspire your eureka moment. 

Take a deep dive into possible topics to write about

Understand that getting inspired to write can have a positive chain reaction.

Make the difficult first leap and learn to start writing.

Think about the type of writing you would want to include in your memoir.  

Contemplate new sources for story ideas and inspiration. 

Envision the rewards you could eventually get for your writing. 

Enjoy the thoughts and feelings of some of the greatest writers ever. 

Understand that sometimes the worst of times can lead to the best of times. 

Glance back across history to learn from the struggles of days gone by. 

Use your creative nature in the right way. 

Learn about something big-picture like writing a full book

Start by writing something small and achievable. 

Above all else, don’t try and force inspiration. It will eventually come.

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