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Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips, a guide for tangueros for learning Spanish and traveling in Buenos Aires by Jeanie Tsui and Micaella Digenio

Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips: An essential guide for tangueros who want to learn Spanish for tango and dance in Buenos Aires! Are you a tanguero/a who has been wanting to understand the Spanish lyrics, and connect to the emotion of tango songs? Have you been dreaming of visiting Buenos Aires, the mecca […]

When the Earth Had a Moon (Part 1), a sci-fi lunar thriller by A.M. Cunning

The world’s first permanent moonbase has been established by MoonX Ltd., a joint venture company with American, Chinese, and Russian government shareholders to promote the peaceful use and development of the moon for all. However, political tensions arise and raise the specter of total annihilation. A young nuclear physicist, Rex, works on the base to […]

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