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51 Sleepless Nights: Thriller, suspense, mystery, and horror short stories


What would you do if you played a virtual reality game that didn’t stop when you took the headset off?

What about if you watched your son die, but an exact replica appeared and asked to come home with you?

Or you accidentally went on a tinder date with the Devil?

This diverse collection of 51 short horror stories includes daemons, monsters, psychopaths, undead, mad experiments, and paranormal — no matter what makes your heart race, you’re guaranteed to face your fear with these terrifying tales.

What do the readers say?

“That variety is what makes the collection remarkable. As I read through the stories, I looked for instances of similarities between the selections. I couldn’t find any. Which means the reader can look forward to 51 different themes. This amount of creativity is something I rarely see in literature; I see it more in stand-up comedic or political commentary.” – Ron K., Amazon user (5 stars)

“Tobias Wade quickly became one of my favorites when I would read his stuff on NoSleep and I was super happy to hear he had a new book coming out. It’s perfect for horror story freaks such as myself; some are very psychological and some are just plain horrifying.” – Erin, Amazon user (5 stars)

“A plethora of very different stories, some of which are really scary. It’s astounding that the same author managed to write so many dissimilar tales, with so varied thematics, and nevertheless achieve an amazing whole.” – Clau, Amazon user (5 stars)

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