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A Dream of Ashes by Orlando A. Sanchez – An Urban Fantasy Thriller

 A Rogue Mystic. A Ruthless Killer. A Dark Secret. Ava James is a fire mystic with the Mystic Investigative Division. As a branch of the Enclave, a worldwide mystic organization, the MID is feared, respected and reviled. When the half-charred body of a Mystic is found, the Enclave sends her to investigate the strange death. Ava finds that all the clues point to the killer being a fire mystic, one of her own. Accused by the Enclave of working with the killer she must solve the case before a secret buried in her past is revealed and destroys her world. Can she save herself? Will she find the murderer?



Our Summary

A Dream of Ashes is an urban fantasy thriller about Ava James. The story follows Ava as she uncovers the mystery behind the death of a powerful Mystic – all while she is being accused of working with the killer. Fans of A Madness of Angels and London Falling will love this suspenseful paranormal thriller that will keep you tense and excited until the very end.

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What Readers Are Saying

Orlando Sanchez continues to out do himself with each newly released book.
These are the types of books you can read over and over and not get bored of reading. I’m always looking forward to the new releases.”  – Isabel Acevedo, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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Orlando Sanchez’s genius is an apparent faculty for delivering stories that have action, drama, suspense, and, best of all, the mystery and allure of the martial arts and Eastern mysticism. He immerses the reader in a world unlike our own, with characters that are over-the-top and situations geared to surprise and entertain. Little wonder he merits 5 stars.” – Amazon customer ★★★★★
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The [a]uthor doesn’t hold back with the action in this book! And I love the fact that the main character is female. Lots of twists and sub-plots! I really liked the story and it kept me to the edge of my seat a few times! I highly recommend this for those who like urban fantasy and lots of weapons!” – Kindle customer  ★★★★
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About the Author

Orlando Sanchez has been writing since he was a teenager, creating scenarios for Dungeons and Dragons for his friends. He counts J.R.R. Tolkien, Jim Butcher, Terry Brooks, and George Lucas as his influences. He currently lives in Queens, New York, with his wife and children, and hangs out at the local Starbucks. You can find out more about his books and releases at, and drop him a line at You can also follow him on Twitter @AuthorOSanchez.

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Preview the Book

A Dream of Ashes is a paranormal suspense thriller that will appeal to fans of urban fantasy, mystery, magic, murders, ruthless killers, investigations, dark secrets, and a heroine who fights the odds that are against her.

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