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I’m Loving ♥ Books was opened on May 1, 2011. My reviews go back farther than that because I transferred them over from my Goodreads account, which I’ve been reviewing on since 2009. All my older reviews (more than a year ago) aren’t necessarily anything to brag about, but to be thorough I decided to transfer them over anyways.

I decided to create this blog because I truly love to read and write reviews. But, not only that, I love to talk about books! I wanted to create a place to share any and everything about the books I love. But what really makes a blog like this possible is the people. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment: it’s the community that makes this fun!

As of now, I am the one and only reviewer for I’m Loving ♥ Books. Right now I’d like to keep it that way because it makes things more personal I think. In general I read and review about a book every other day. There are times when my reviews are more like four days apart, but not all the time. In between though, I will be posting book related features, giveaways, interviews and more! So be sure to bookmark us or add our site to your RSS feed in order to keep up with what’s going on.

About Sarah

Hi there! I’m Sarah and I’m the brains behind this operation. I’m a web designer by trade and I’m lucky enough to work from home where I can have time for all the other endeavors I love to get myself wrapped up in. I’m married to the love of my life and we live on a small four acre farm. Sure, it’s small (for a farm), but we manage to have a huge vegetable garden and about eight chickens. It’s fun, but can also be a lot of work. So it’s nice that my hubby does most of the gardening/chickening.

I’m more of an indoor girl myself. I love to read (duh), but when I’m not reading I love to decorate our house and try out new diy projects to make our house a home, or “nesting” as my hubby so lovingly puts it.

We are childless as of now, but in the future we do plan on having kids. For now, we’re happy with our little yorkie-poo who is both rambunctious and cuddly. I like to call him my practice child, although I swear I will never “kennel” my child at night! lol

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