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An Interview With J. W. Barlament

1. Three favorite books that inspire your writing.

I must say that I hold a special spot in my heart for classic literature. The works of Homer, Lovecraft and Tolkien are certainly among the greatest of my influences, although I could not list a single story from any of them that stands above all others. Too often nowadays, readers are bombarded by an endless stream of snappy dialogue and fast-paced action that leaves no room for detail in between the quips and conflicts. And, although this style does have its merits, it in no way needs to be universal. I seek to revive the style of old in the stories I write, and I believe I have largely succeeded in these attempts.

2. What you do when you’re not writing.

I do like keeping busy, as most people tend to pass the time in monotonous and meaningless ways. And, of course, the best way to waste one’s life is to live it like everyone else. Thus, I spend my days making articles for my website, making more of my ever-expanding philosophy, making music when time permits, and marketing my many works.

3. The hardest thing about writing for you.

I would say, without a doubt, that finding the time to write is paramount among the many challenges of the craft. As stated earlier, I maintain a very busy schedule. Trying to stay on top of schoolwork and holding a job doesn’t help, either. As one can imagine, then, I have very little time on my hands to actually dedicate to writing. No challenge has ever stopped me completely before, though, and I still find the time no matter what it may take.

4. What you’re excited about right now.

Naturally, I am quite excited about the release of my second novel, The Agony of an Age. This immense fantasy epic of mine has been fourteen months in the making, and it is certainly an exciting thing to see it unleashed upon the writing world.

5. Which book would you recommend a reader start with?

As always, one must start at the beginning to truly understand any story. Thus, I would recommend any reader of mine to start with my debut novel, The Plight of a People. It is an enthralling saga of conflict, philosophy, and unflinching endurance. It contains three separate parts, each of which details a different leader of the Roesanian people as they attempt to survive in an utterly chaotic world. It is free on Kindle from October 16th to October 20th of this year to celebrate the release of its successor. Make sure not to miss this deal while it lasts!

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