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Author Interview with Diana Tyler

Hey everyone! We interviewed Age of the Ashers author Diana Tyler! Read on to find out the books that inspired her the most, what she does outside of writing, and what she’s excited about!

Hi Diana! So to start with, tell us about your three favorite books that inspired your writing.

There are so many wonderful and inspiring books on writing! The ones I seem to return to most often are Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, On Writing by Stephen King, and The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. A bonus is Story by the one-of-a-kind Robert McKee.

On Writing and Bird by Bird are definitely helpful when it comes to helping you develop your craft. But beyond writing, what else are you into?

My husband and I own a CrossFit gym here in San Antonio, so needless to say I’m a bit of a gym rat! I consider working out my therapy. It helps me de-stress, unwind, and gives my creative unconscious time to do its thing! I also love playing board games, reading (duh!), going to movies, and playing tennis and ping pong.

So what’s the hardest thing about writing, for you?

This isn’t really writing related, but I find the marketing side of this business incredibly difficult, and oftentimes frustrating, as marketing tactics and tips are constantly in flux. As an introvert, it’s challenging to don my salesperson’s hat and self-promote. If I had my druthers, I would only concentrate on writing and leave the marketing mumbo jumbo to the extroverted experts!

We totally agree! Sometimes there are people who are just cut out to market your stuff. So what are you excited about right now?

Books two and three of my YA fantasy trilogy, The Petros Chronicles, are in the works! I can’t wait to release book two, War of the Ashers, early next year. I’m also finishing up the first draft of my fourth and final Orchid Series novel.

I have numerous book ideas swirling around in my head, so over the holidays, my mission will be to consume copious amounts of coffee while I brainstorm my next project! (and also editing until my eyes pop out of their sockets…)

Thank you so much, Diana! Before we end, we’d like to ask you which of your books would you recommend a reader start with!
Age of the Ashers, which is a fun, fast-paced fantasy adventure inspired by Greek mythology.


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