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Barefoot to Boeings by Karen Guest – A Historical Aviation Biography

Dreams and persistence – these are what it takes to be a Boeing pilot. Brian Crane worked as a pilot for most of his working life – but his dreams of becoming a pilot seemed impossible, back when he was just a young boy walking barefoot to school in New South Wales. Taking the reader along for a look behind the scenes of the aviation industry, from testing to industrial maneuvers and to the persistence and hard work of a boy who starts from wooden model aeroplanes to being a Boeing pilot. A book for all lovers of aviation covering the Gypsy Moths of the ‘30s, the Tiger Moths and DC3s of the ‘40s, the Ansons and Oxfords of the ‘50s, the Viscounts of the ‘60s and onto the DC9s, and the Boeing 727s.



Our Summary

Barefoot to Boeings is a historical aviation biography that follows the pilot Brian Crane. The book revolves around his growth as a young boy interested in planes, to a Boeing pilot. Fans of The Last Enemy and Amy Johnson will love this pilot’s memoir, which will inspire you and dare you to dream big.

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What Readers Are Saying

Excellent story! Keeping writing Karen I want to read more!” – Deb, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ 

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About the Author

Karen Guest worked for twenty-seven years as an administrator at a local university, and became a part-time student member of the university board. She completed two undergraduate degrees before being accepted into a government graduate program. She works full-time and continues to write. Visit her online at You can also find her on Facebook at

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Preview the Book

Barefoot to Boeings is a historical biography that will appeal to fans of aviation, pilots, airplanes, memoirs, big dreams, and wonderful success stories.

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