The best scifi and fantasy 99cent boxset book deals of 2017

Boxsets are a way authors can team up together to reach more readers. The advantage to readers is the huge savings.

Most boxsets have at least 20 full-length novels that usually cost $2.99 and up, that have been bundled into 99cent deals to rank higher on Amazon and hit the bestseller lists. It’s a cheap way for readers to discover dozens of new authors.

Here are my top picks.


Dark Legends

This Collection is packed with 20 Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance reads from New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors! Don’t miss this collection of more than twenty unique twists in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, providing over one million words of supernatural suspense that will transport you to new worlds with smoking hot action and heart-throttling adventure! The DARK LEGENDS boxed set includes: Mermaids, Sirens, Shifters, Vampires, Dragons, Sorcerers, Warriors, Angels, Faeries, Demons, Witches, Psychics, Ghosts, Mythology, Folk Tales, Legends, Dark Magic, Time Travel, and More!

What Readers Are Saying

This has everything a paranormal lover would enjoy and each story takes you on an adventure.” – AuburnEdge, Amazon reviewer ★★★★

This is the greatest collection of USA Today, NY Times, International, Amazon and every other category you can think of collection of Bestselling authors available in print today. Don’t miss this opportunity to add this massive tome to you digital library. It is an awesome 5* read and Highly Recommended!” – M.Chrissy, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

Gypsies After Dark

Gypsies: alluring, mysterious, enchanting wanderers. Journey from the hills of Ireland to Victorian England, from medieval Italy to eighteenth century Egypt, from the United States to the sand-baked Middle East and beyond to explore forbidden magic, meet exotic gypsy lovers, navigate the pitfalls of ancient prophecies, battle vampires and shifters, and defeat evil sorcerers and hellish demons. This unique collection, inspired by the rich and varied history of gypsies from all over the world, contains over one million words of captivating urban fantasy and paranormal romance fiction that’s guaranteed to keep you up long after dark. Discover gypsy worlds where heroes roam and magic reigns with twenty-three brand new works from today’s New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Dominion Rising

With 22 all-original Science Fiction and Epic Fantasy novels, Dominion Rising is the boxed set of the year! The collection features nearly 8,000 pages and over a million words in total – bringing you sharp, suspenseful, and thought-provoking novels of dark forces and light, of magic and adventure, of enchanted swords and galactic empires. Anchored by New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors, Dominion Rising’s authors have also won, among other accolades, the Next Generation Indie Award, the Cygnus Award, been shortlisted for the Elgin Award, the John W. Campbell Award, and named to Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy. Between the covers you will discover everything from hard science fiction to space opera, epic fantasy to steampunk, dystopias and utopias – populated by aliens, telepaths, starship captains, warriors, vampires, gargoyles, interstellar pirates, mercenaries, badass heroines, lost princesses, robots, androids and cyber-enhanced humans. Dominion Rising features include New York Times bestselling authors D.K. Holmberg, Gwynn White, Margo Bond Collins, Tom Shutt, Felix R. Savage and Erin St Pierre; USA Today bestselling authors P.K. Tyler, Anthea Sharp, S.M. Schmitz, K.J. Colt, Dean F. Wilson, and Erin Hayes; and award-winning and Amazon bestselling authors S.M. Blooding, Lisa Smeaton, Melanie Karsak, Tim Ward, Daniel Arthur Smith, Tony Bertauski, Rebecca Rode, Cheri Lasota, Ann Christy, Becca Andre, Logan Snyder, D. S. Murphy, and Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy notable Samuel Peralta. The Dominion Rising boxed set is a limited edition and unparalleled value for 22 all-new, full-length novels!

Haunted by Magic

Prepare to unleash 22 haunting Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance adventures with the Haunted by Magic omnibus! 24 New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors have come together to create a can’t-be-missed line up of 22 novels packed with demons, shifters, vampires, mages, witches, fae, alchemists, and more! With over one million words of otherworldly fiction from the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres, this boxed set collection will provide over one hundred hours of reading, including some BRAND NEW material! From rune magic to steampunk to Norse mythology and a whole lot in between, these paranormal and fantasy pages will draw you in with a whisper and startle you with flare. PreOrder Today to find out how these magical stories will haunt your dreams and keep you glued to your reading tablet well into the witching hour.

The Expanding Universe

Lives submerged in cosmic war… civilizations standing on the brink of destruction… Technologies that far surpass our own and ethereal beings of untold power… Immerse yourself in The Expanding Universe. Worlds collide as nineteen talented authors contribute their best short fiction to expand and explore the Science Fiction genre. Travel dystopian worlds and discover the possibilities that lie within the unknown. Experience the touch of metaphysical occurrences and enjoy the rush that comes from love deep enough to rattle the stars. With contributions ranging from best-selling authors to debut works, you will fall in love with this exciting new anthology – The Expanding Universe! Featuring a Foreword by Michael Anderle

What Readers Are Saying

This is a very interesting collaboration of scifi shorts. There are many varieties of stories to satisfy even the choosiest of readers. Each author has a creative talent and spins amazing tales! I highly encourage readers to check out this book! I look forward to reading the complete tales for many of these. Some of these authors I have never read before but I was not disappointed!” – Robin H., Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

I was drawn into each story inside. They left me looking for more. I would hope that the authors would add to the stories.” – DAVID RUSSELL, Amazon reviewer, ★★★★★

Myths and Legends

The MYTHS & LEGENDS Boxed Set is a compilation of 13 Full-Length Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reads, including works from USA Today bestsellers, Bestselling Harlequin authors, and various Award-Winning authors! Gear up for a collection packed with an exciting mix of undiscovered existing titles and brand new content! The pages inside are packed with everything from vampires, faeries, witches, and shifters to romantic quests, cities brimming with paranormal activity, secret societies, and ruthless villains. Scroll up to one click this is one stop shop for vampire and witch romance, urban fantasy, shifter romance, and spellbinding myths today!

What Readers Are Saying

Great collection! I’ve read books by Andrea Pearson before, and the rest of the authors were new to me. But how can you go wrong with such a huge collection for a great price. Lots of happy reading time!” – Heather Moore, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

This is a collection of stories from a wide variety of authors and writing styles. Just the stories by Margo Bond Collins and Andrea Pearson makes this a set worth having. Then add in all the other authors and that’s just a bonus. And these are not short quick reads like with so many sets, but are full length novels.” – Sue H., Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

Legends of the Damned

The ULTIMATE Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Boxed Set! Version II includes ALL EXCLUSIVE TITLES – Unavailable separately in ebook format anywhere else! Today’s New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors bring you a collection PACKED with novels and novellas of magic, adventure, suspense, and romance. The magical fiction from this urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres will provide over one hundred hours of reading, including some BRAND NEW material while sparks fly off these fantasy and action-driven pages, carrying you away into parts of the world you’ve only ever dreamed of! If you want a collection packed with witches, vampires, shape shifters, faeries, aliens, ghosts, and more, then you’ve found what you’re looking for with LEGENDS OF THE DAMNED!

What Readers Are Saying

From our first meeting of the Thief and the Sorceress until the conclusion, I was gripped, entertained and on the edge of my seat to find out what happened next. There was heartbreak, betrayal, and renewal, and frankly, I hope the next book comes super fast because I want to know MORE!” – naughtsncrosses, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

I originally bought this boxed set because of Pixi Poison. That book alone made me want to but the collection and the other books are great as well quite frankly. I personally like box sets just so I can read new to me authors. I recommend this box set especially since it is at it’s at a great price!!” – Penny M., Amazon reviewer ★★★★★


The Spellbound Box Set: 8 Fantasy stories including Vampires, Chameleons, Werewolves, Steam Punk, Magic, Romance, Blood Feuds, Alphas, Medieval Queens, Celtic Myths, Time Travel, and More! 8 thrilling stories in one volume. 8 sexy heroes. 8 strong heroines. These works of fiction are from some of today’s most exciting authors. A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action-packed and totally swoon-worthy first books by your favorite fantasy authors.

What Readers Are Saying

It caught my attention from beginning to end.” – doloria wallace, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★


These were a great read. They all ended in cliffhangers, but it excites me to read the next. If you like paranormal reads and like to be on the edge of your seat then this set is for you.” – Steph Ann, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

Rebels and Runes

The Rebels & Runes boxed set contains an incredible 23 URBAN FANTASY STORIES, including works by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors! Spell-binding tales of magic, malice, mayhem and madness can be found in this impressive assortment. If you enjoy stories about shape-shifting creatures, monsters, ghosts, wizards and witches, then this is the collection for you.


What Readers Are Saying

I stayed buying that because the quality of the 23 author’s represented in this collection is uniformly good. There are some real gems here and I will definitely look for more works from several of the “new” (at least to me) authors discovered. Add together the plain fun of the collected tales to the added benefit of these new discoveries and the result is a clear winner.” – The Mysterious Amazon Customer, Amazon reviewer ★★★★

This series of stories is fracking amazing. I would highly suggest it to anyone who loves a box set full of twists and turns. From time travellers to vampires, I was entranced and enthralled the entire time. A few cliffies, but that makes me want to pick up the next book in the series!” – Deliaria, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

Midnight Magic

The Midnight Magic boxed set contains an incredible 16 URBAN FANTASY STORIES, including works by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors! Spell-binding tales of sorcery, survival, sacrifice, and secrets can be found in this impressive assortment. If you enjoy stories about shape-shifters, magicians, ghosts, and witches, then this is the collection for you.

What Readers Are Saying

I love these kind of stories. Romance, mystery, perfect setting in the paranormal world. Kristina and Ben make a perfect couple. Was a fast fun read now I can’t wait to read the rest.” – Susie72, Amazon reviewer ★★★★

This is a set to read. There are a wide variety of fantasy stories. There something for everyone. They are well written and will keep you entertained for hours.” – Charly Aldridge, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★


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