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Please read carefully so your featured post will have maximum benefit!

1. In the title of the post, use your book title, author name and genre keywords.
Example: “Shearwater, a young adult mermaid romance by D.S. Murphy”

2. Add keywords under “tags.” Choose the closest genre category.

3. Add your author website for the URL

4. Attach your book cover as the image – it will display as the featured post. You can add additional images in the post itself (here’s a template you can use to match our branding):

Click here to edit with Google slides.

5. We recommend posting the book description and two or three reviews.

6. Use keyword anchor links: mention the keywords you want your book to rank for and link them straight to your book on Amazon (the clean Amazon link, which ends after the ASIN number).

Example: “Shearwater is a young adult mermaid romance for fans of paranormal romance.”

You can also use keywords to link to your author page or another piece of content you want to rank well (for example, my post about 32 magical mermaid novels for teens – that’s a great piece of content that already ranks on the first page of Google).


PS) It may take a few days for us to post your book feature – when we do, we only ask that you share it on Twitter or Facebook.

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