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Born of Water by A.L. Knorr – A YA Fairy Tale Fantasy

Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong. Life for a high-school kid in small town Saltford should be simple, but for seventeen-year-old Targa, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother is already tricky, but what’s worse is the feelings of guilt that she’s never been able to transform, and that she doesn’t seem to be attracted to anyone at all. Targa feels like she has more demons than the average kid. When the opportunity to salvage a mysterious wreck in the Baltic arises for her mother (a professional salvage diver by day), Targa jumps on the opportunity to go abroad for the summer. It’s there that she meets handsome Antoni Baranek. But when a boating accident puts them both in grave danger, Targa’s world turns completely inside out.[spacer height=”25px”]

Our Summary

Born of Water is a fairy tale fantasy about seventeen-year-old Targa MacAuley. The story follows Targa, who has always been troubled by her inability to change, and who finds her life turned inside out when she meets Antoni Baranek and gets into a boating accident with him. Fans of the Harry Potter series and The Siren will love this mermaid fantasy that will keep you asking for more until the very end.

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What Readers Are Saying

I absolutely loved this book. I read a lot of fantasy and this one has really caught my attention. By the end I wanted to believe in mermaids and I probably do! This book was totally fun and I really want to read the whole series. If you like fantasy, I am sure you will enjoy this book and become a fan of this author, A.L. Knorr.” – the reader K., Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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I  absolutely fell in love with this book. I love Born of Fire, but this one was even better. The writing is crisp, thorough and charge with emotions and experiences… What a great time I had. Thank you A.L. Knorr, your writing is exceptional for young adults and teens. This series would definitely be in my adolescent library and would be read and read and read.” – Gary R. Casebeer, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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A.L. Knorr is such an amazing writer! This is my first book of hers and I was amazed by how great the character development was and the backstories for each of the characters… I also loved some of the scientific inputs the writer put into the anatomy of the siren…taking the idea of a second eyelid from marine mammals was awesome!” – Jessica, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

A.L. Knorr writes YA and NA Fantasy with romantic elements, mystery, and plenty of unexpected twists. A Canadian splitting her time between the Rockies and the Italian Dolomites, Abby loves shipwrecks & nautical history, mountain biking, yoga, hiking, butchering the beautiful Italian language, cappuccino, and losing herself in great fiction. You can check out the latest on her at, and follow her on Twitter @alknorrbooks.

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Preview the Book

Born of Water is a YA mermaid fantasy that will appeal to fans of fairy tales, folktales, the sea, oceans, underwater stories, merpeople, and heroines who encounter life-changing events.

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