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Burnout by Pam Young – A Personality Development Memoir

Restoring faith and recovering from burnout. That is what this book is for – something that will help those who have personally experienced burnout, as well as for counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. This can also be for support personnel in organizations that want to protect their business and their employees.





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Our Summary

Burnout is a personality development memoir for counselors, psychologists, organizations, and people who just want to learn ways on how to recover from burning out. Fans of Carl Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections will love this clinical psychology non-fiction that will teach you new ways on how to live your life and appreciate it all the better.

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What Readers Are Saying

So many times people look at us, but never see us. One of my favorite quotes is near the end, “But the most important gift of this trip was being seen by people I respected and cared about and loved.” I enjoyed reading about the different paths the author took on her way to bliss, and I look forward to the next book in the series.” – Kindle Customer ★★★★★
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Her quests for solutions, both from traditional and very non-traditional sources, occupy most of the latter half of the book. They are compelling and unusual, and make me want to see where the subsequent books will lead.” – R M Parmenter, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

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This is a powerful story. Ms Young writes an eloquent memoir about how she healed her soul through her spiritual journeys. She tells her story from the master’s of the 60’s – which is a culture of rich and exciting discoveries. I am very excited there were be more books in the future.” – Wendy Van De Poll, MS, CEOL, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Pam Young has been a junior high teacher, a college professor, a yoga teacher, a masseuse, and an energy healer. She writes with the intent to help others be their best. You can follow her on Twitter @DrPamYoung. You can also visit her book site at
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