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The Yellow Star: Shines Like A Candle In the Dark by Aaron Seth, Illustrated by Illana Barran – A Young Reader’s Historical Fiction Book About the Holocaust

  What is life worth, when nothing is left? Young Aharon, no more than twelve, tells us his struggles during the Holocaust. Despite the atmosphere and religious differences, he was able to relive the Passover Seder with a gentile friend. How can a young boy subsist when he lost almost everyone he loved? Did he […]

The Survival of the Gingerbread Girl: A Lullaby by Illana Barran – A Children’s Classic Folktale Retelling with A Musical Twist

  Do you have a colicky baby?  Here is your remedy!  This classic, musical adaption with a dramatic twist, will be your go to lullaby. Illana learned quickly how to soothe her crying baby.  “Life is learning,” she said.  “By the time you’re half way through your baby or toddler will be fast asleep.  What a potent […]

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