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City of Skies: Shadowislands – Norse Mythology YA Fantasy


Sixteen-year-old Norah Hunt leaves her post-apocalyptic world of the Triangle of Peace to join a deadly quest. She has to discover the ancient Viking legend of the Shadowislands. But the skilled young warrior instead becomes part of an Elite band of Raiders called Jarl. Her mission? Merely to win the perilous battle for Shadowislands, which stands between the Jarl and the Rognvald, a group of Dark Raiders led by the mysterious Frederick Dahl whom Nora can’t help but fall in love with. When Norah learns she is blessed with special powers by the Norse gods to unlock the Shadowislands, the stakes are higher than ever to claim the heavenly kingdom and crown. But can she overcome her romantic feelings for Frederick, who seems to both threaten and protect her?

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Our Summary

City of Skies by Farah Cook is a thrilling epic fantasy with elements of Norse mythology. The story revolves around Norah, who is blessed by the gods and leaves her post-apocalyptic world to follow the elite Jarls and win battles for the Shadowislands. All the while, she struggles with her romantic feelings for  dangerous boy. Readers who loved Throne of Glass and Divergent will devour this epic Norse fantasy that will keep you on your toes.

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About the Author

Fantasy writer Farah Cook was born in Copenhagen in the land of the Vikings. She has always been a passionate reader, and her love for stories eventually developed into writing at the age of 12. She lives in London with her husband, Chris, and her sons, Benjamin and Noah. She spends most of her time writing and connecting with her readers. You can visit her at, and reach her at You can also tweet her @shadowislands1.

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Preview the Book

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City of Skies is a young adult epic Norse fantasy, filled with viking legends, battles for crowns, mysterious powers, mystical warriors, raiders, deadly beasts, kingdoms, romance, and a powerful heroine.

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