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Eye of the Ninja by DM Marlowe – A Paranormal YA Fantasy With Japanese Mythology

Blink—and you’ll miss her. Mei Barrett has been hiding all of her life. Raised in solitude by her beloved father, she’s been trained to fight, to adapt, to defend. She couldn’t prevent his death, however, when it comes at the hands of a mysterious creature straight out of legend. She could only run—and learn how to hide in plain sight. For four long years Mei has lived alone on the fringes of a society still recovering from the devastation of quakes and disasters along the infamous Ring of Fire. Mei’s concerns are more immediate however. She must hide her eyes and their despised mutation, and she must stay one step ahead of the strange wind demon that continues to hunt her. Detection was inevitable. But Mei begins to make some discoveries of her own. For it seems that her old enemy is not the only mythical creature on the loose. Nor is she the only one fighting them. And perhaps her own tragedies are not as far removed from those the world is facing, after all.

Our Summary:

Eye of the Ninja is a paranormal YA fantasy steeped in Japanese mythology. The story revolves around Mei, who discovers that she’s not the only one fighting a mythical creature that continues to hunt her – and that the world is facing a bigger threat than her own. Fans of Moribito and Stormdancer will love this Japanese mythology fantasy, that will keep you up all night.

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What Readers Are Saying:

“Loved every word! DM Marlowe created a wonderful world and then populated it with fascinating characters and interesting beings. A tiny little love triangle and some well-placed danger make this a fast paced read with a ton of heart. I can’t wait for the next one.” – Reviewer, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

“This book is seeped in Japanese mythos and culture. The colors are vivid, the rhythm is fast and smooth, one page to the next. Just keeps you reading as Mei learns to trust others, learns more about her heritage of being born into a ninja clan… This is a YA book that will entrance audiences of all ages and genres. You must pick up this first book by this new voice in [fantasy] fiction. Definitely five star read.” – Amazon Customer ★★★★★

“D.M. Marlowe, how did you do that? How did you come up with this other world and language? I am amazed and astonished and absolutely loved it. Wow!” – B.W., Amazon user ★★★★★


About the Author

D.M. Marlowe lives in North Carolina with her family and two cats. When she is not spoiling them all, she is probably writing. Failing that, she’s probably lost in a book or a movie, on a long walk, gardening or hanging with her friends. In her other author life, she is a USA Today Bestselling author of Historical Romance for adults. Visit her at or sign up for the Newsletter to hear more about yokai, contests and when the next book in the Eye of the Ninja Chronicles will be out.

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Eye of the Ninja is a YA mythological action fantasy book that will appeal to fans of the paranormal, ninjas, Japan, demons, mythical creatures, mysterious forces, world-shaking threats, and strong heroines.

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