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The best scifi and fantasy 99cent boxset book deals of 2017

Boxsets are a way authors can team up together to reach more readers. The advantage to readers is the huge savings. Most boxsets have at least 20 full-length novels that usually cost $2.99 and up, that have been bundled into 99cent deals to rank higher on Amazon and hit the bestseller lists. It’s a cheap way […]

The Survival of the Gingerbread Girl: A Lullaby by Illana Barran – A Children’s Classic Folktale Retelling with A Musical Twist

  Do you have a colicky baby?  Here is your remedy!  This classic, musical adaption with a dramatic twist, will be your go to lullaby. Illana learned quickly how to soothe her crying baby.  “Life is learning,” she said.  “By the time you’re half way through your baby or toddler will be fast asleep.  What a potent […]

Whom the Gods Love M.M. Perry – A YA Mythological Sword and Sorcery Fantasy

A king’s quest to save his bride will set in motion a terrible vision long ago prophesied. Cass must conquer harpy-infested plains, dark, forboding forests, and beasts of myth and legend – all to be able to ask the favor of a God. Because the king’s bride is ailing, and conquering everything is the only […]

Born of Water by A.L. Knorr – A YA Fairy Tale Fantasy

Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong. Life for a high-school kid in small town Saltford should be simple, but for seventeen-year-old Targa, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother is already tricky, but what’s worse is the feelings of guilt that she’s never been able to transform, and that she […]

SeQuence by Lorraine M.L.M. – A YA Fantasy Romance

  All Alessia Appleton wants is to silence the voices inside her head. But the island asylum she’s in hasn’t done anything for her. She finds solace in the ocean, with water being the only thing that blocks Alessia from hearing the thoughts of those around her. Submerging herself into the deep is her only […]

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