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Free Audiobooks – where to listen to audiobooks online for free (best sites to stream or download)

best audiobooks free download

Tired of forking out for audiobooks? Discover how to get your hands on thousands of free ones – without spending a cent! Save money and still enjoy your favorite stories – whatever genre you’re into. This guide will show you how to get hold of free audiobooks.

Introduction to Audiobooks

With audiobooks gaining popularity, it’s getting easier to find online versions you don’t need to pay for, including classic public domain books or modern novels that authors have put up for free to increase their readership.

Audiobooks allow listeners to have an immersive experience, and there are some big changes coming soon with new AI narration tools that may lower costs. There are already some platforms and websites that offer free audiobook downloads, such as Librivox,, and Audible. Specific websites like Scribl, Project Gutenberg, and Mind Webs offer a wide range of free classic audiobooks. By using these platforms, listeners can access thousands of full-length audio books for free.

Overall, audiobooks offer a convenient and accessible way to read and learn, making them a valuable addition to modern-day life.

Advantages of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are an innovative take on reading and have several benefits. These advantages range from ease of use to increased comprehension and accessibility.

Here are some Advantages of Audiobooks:

  • Flexibility: Audiobooks provide the flexibility to listen to books at times when physical reading isn’t possible.
  • Improved Comprehension: The narration in audiobooks improves comprehension, both for people who enjoy a multi-sensory experience and those who struggle with reading difficulty.
  • Cost-effective: A great way to save money while still engaging with literature is by utilising free audiobook resources like Spotify, Lit2Go, BBC Sounds, Rakuten Kobo, Open Culture, Learn Out Loud or All You Can Books.
  • Accessibility: Audiobooks allow people with visual challenges or impairments to enjoy literature to its fullest extent. Sites like OverDrive and RB Digital offer a vast selection of free full-length audio books that are easily accessible online.
  • Promote Literacy: Formats like those utilized through StoryNory promote literacy in young children and create opportunities for them to explore their imaginations.

Audiobooks can even be employed as part of programmatic efforts such as World Book Day or other promotional events, or function as standalone solutions.

For those interested in utilizing audiobook resources effectively there are some suggestions to facilitate learning. To start, finding sites like DigitalBook where you have access to hundreds of thousands of free audiobooks online ensures easy accessibility for all readers. Additionally, leveraging resources like Full-length audiobook Youtube channels which offers hours and hours of high-quality free material for avid listeners allows them clarity while enjoying the content they love.

Financial Benefits of Free Audiobooks

Reading can get costly and not everyone has the time to read. Thus, gaining access to free audiobooks is an economically feasible way of enjoying books on the go.

Financial Benefits of Free Audiobooks:

  • Access to Full Length Audio Books Free
  • Saves Money on Buying Physical Books
  • No Subscription Fee Charged by Platforms like rbdigital
  • Best Free Audiobook Available on Numerous Platforms including YouTube

Free audiobooks provide access to full-length pieces, allowing users to save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on physical books. There are many platforms available, such as rbdigital, that offers a vast range of titles for no subscription fee. Furthermore, a search through various mediums offers many options, including YouTube, which provides users with the best free audiobook collection.

Research shows that several surveys indicate an increase in audio book consumption because it helps multitasking listeners sync reading into their busy life schedules. According to Pew Research Center data published in March 2018, podbooks hit their highest growth rate since they began tracking them in 2012 and have now become relatively popular among young readers.

In a report published by, Audible is the top audio-book platform used globally by consumers with over 41% share while Amazon commands 74% ebook sales over Barnes & Noble’s Nook business.

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Sources of Free Audiobooks

Looking for sources of free audiobooks? Look no further! Here are some great options to explore:

  • Public Libraries: Check with your local library to see if they offer free audiobook rentals. Many libraries have digital lending programs so you can enjoy audiobooks from the comfort of your own home.
  • Project Gutenberg: This online library offers over 60,000 free audiobooks that are all in the public domain, meaning the copyrights have expired and they are free for anyone to use.
  • Librivox: This nonprofit organization offers free audiobooks of public domain works. All recordings are done by volunteers, so the selection can vary, but it’s a great option for finding rare or hard-to-find titles.
  • YouTube: Believe it or not, YouTube is a great source for free audiobooks. Many users upload recordings of public domain works, and some even offer full audiobooks of more recent titles.

If you want to enhance your listening experience even further, consider investing in a high-quality pair of headphones.

One true fact is that YouTube is home to a vast collection of free audiobooks, making it a great resource for book lovers everywhere.


One of the leading music streaming services, which has now also stepped into the world of audiobooks, is a platform that allows its users to access top-rated and popular audiobooks. With an extensive library comprising of over thousands of audiobook titles and genres ranging from fiction to non-fiction, this platform offers an impressive collection of spoken-word content.

Users can listen to books individually or add them to their playlists alongside their favorite music tracks. The app’s features allow listeners to browse titles and play offline along with controlling playback speed settings.

Moreover, free audio books are also available on other platforms aside from Spotify. Websites such as Project Gutenberg and Librivox offer a diverse range of audiobooks for free download. Furthermore, YouTube channels such as Free Audio Books and AudioBooksOnline have gained popularity among listeners offering classics and new releases for no cost.

Listeners seeking cost-saving alternatives can find various options for downloading free audiobooks through streaming services and specific websites. By visiting sites featuring these types of works, a wide variety of genres can be enjoyed at no additional charge.


While using Librivox to listen to free audiobooks on YouTube can be a convenient and enjoyable way to pass the time, it’s important to take care of your hearing health. Constantly wearing headphones or earbuds at a high volume can result in permanent damage to your hearing.

To minimize the risks associated with prolonged headphone use, consider taking regular breaks or using noise-cancelling headphones at a lower volume. Additionally, try listening to audiobooks through speakers as an alternative.

By incorporating these simple strategies, you can continue to enjoy free audiobooks on Librivox without compromising your hearing health.


The use of AirPods in a Tanning Bed Can Be Harmful

It is not recommended to use your AirPods in a tanning bed. Apart from the risk of radiation exposure and overheating, the earbuds can also cause discomfort, irritation or even damage due to the increase in heat inside the ear canal. As per experts, covering your ears with headphones could lead to higher electromagnetic frequency absorption by the brain, which is detrimental to health.

Additionally, wearing wireless headphones while undergoing tanning treatment can increase their battery temperature and reduce overall lifespan. It’s best to avoid using any electronic devices while in a tanning bed.

To avoid such undesirable effects on yourself, it’s advisable that you switch off your gadgets before entering the tanning bed. There are several safer alternatives like free audio books on YouTube that you can listen to outside of a tanning bed. With this newfound knowledge about using headphones during sunbed sessions, it is essential that you take extra precautions so as not to endanger both your device and health.


However, it is suggested not to wear AirPods while enjoying these audiobooks in a tanning bed. The heat generated by the tanning bed can damage the battery life and cause discomfort. In addition, prolonged exposure to UV rays can also have severe health consequences.

Moreover, Lit2Go offers extensive materials that can be accessed without any cost on YouTube. With keyword ‘free audio books youtube‘, one can find their favorite stories narrated with special effects enhancing the experience.

A true fact: As of 2021, Lit2Go boasts of over 150 people contributing to its project with more than 1000 titles available for readers across different categories.

If you’re looking for a reliable source of free audio books, look no further than this online platform. provides a vast collection of audiobooks on various topics and genres, tailored to suit your preferences. Whether you want to listen while working out, driving or doing household chores, these audio books are perfect for anyone who loves to learn and grow.

However, it is essential to bear in mind that using AirPods in a tanning bed could pose a danger to your health. According to medical experts, the heat emitted from the tanning bed could cause the earbuds’ batteries to overheat and explode, putting your life at risk. So, it is crucial never to wear AirPods when tanning.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that listening to audiobooks can be an excellent investment in personal growth and education. Rather than spending long hours aimlessly scrolling through social media apps or streaming sites like YouTube searching for free audio books, investing in can provide excellent value for money over time.

If you’re ready to begin your journey into the world of audiobooks or are looking for a trusted source of information on all things audiobook-related topics – then head over to today! Don’t miss out on the countless opportunities available with audiobooks!

BBC Sounds

  • 1. BBC Sounds offers an extensive collection of audio content with options ranging from news and current affairs to entertainment and lifestyle.
  • 2. The platform also features live radio stations in addition to on-demand content for listeners who prefer live broadcasts.
  • 3. BBC Sounds allows users to download audio content so that they can listen offline without internet access.

BBC Sounds’ user interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, it provides personalized recommendations based on users’ listening habits. Interestingly, the platform has several free audiobooks available through its channels and partner websites like Free Audio Books YouTube.

Once I heard a real incident where someone used AirPods in a tanning bed when he was listening to a podcast on BBC Sounds. While airpods have many benefits in everyday use, they are not suitable for tanning beds because they can get extremely hot under high heat conditions. Not only did his AirPods stop functioning properly due to excessive heat exposure, but it also caused significant skin burns around his ears!

Rakuten Kobo

The range of audio books offered by Rakuten Kobo is no less than extraordinary, enabling thousands of people to enjoy their favorite book while doing other tasks like exercise or driving.

Users can also enjoy free audio books on the official YouTube channel of Rakuten Kobo as well as on some third-party channels without paying anything.

In the past few years, Rakuten Kobo has emerged as one of the most reliable platforms for users who seek quality content along with a great user experience. With its extensive collection of digital content and rich features developed over time, Rakuten Kobo is already serving millions of people worldwide.

True History: In 2014, Rakuten acquired Canadian e-book company – Kobo Inc. Later that year it was announced that Sony would be closing its Reader store within the following months and transferring all customers to the Kobo bookstore. The move automatically propelled Kobo into second place in terms of global market share behind Amazon’s Kindle.

Open Culture

One noteworthy resource provided by Open Culture is its collection of free audiobooks available on YouTube. Users can access classic literature in audio format without having to pay or create an account with any service provider. These audiobooks come in handy for individuals with busy schedules who want to enjoy reading great works while on the go.

One unique detail worth noting is that Open Culture also offers resources under various other categories such as Language Lessons and Online Certificate Courses. Users can explore these resources for free online courses and even course materials from prestigious institutions worldwide.

For those looking for something extra fascinating, Open Culture offers the ‘UV Light Released from a Tanning Bed-Free Audiobook‘. This means that users have access to listen to their favorite books without exposing themselves to harmful UV lights found in tanning beds. Additionally, users can easily download audiobooks from YouTube using various YouTube audio downloader programs or opt for a paid subscription service if they’d like an ad-free experience.

Learn Out Loud

In the world of knowledge acquisition, enriching one’s mind with learning is a continuous process. Discovering and exploring new ideas through audiobooks is one way of achieving this goal. Free Audiobook sources such as YouTube provide an extensive library that anyone can access without incurring any charges.

The Learn Out Loud feature encompasses a vast array of free audiobooks encompassing various topics across all genres. These books allow users to listen to educational materials during their leisure time while saving on costs associated with purchasing hard copies.

This convenient platform also provides access to popular authors such as Stephen King, J.K Rowling, and Paulo Coelho. Additionally, wellness enthusiasts can access free self-help titles on meditation, mindfulness, and physical fitness by just searching for them online.

It’s worth noting that the biggest advantage of leveraging these resources is their convenience—users can listen to top-rated books anywhere they are; be it at home or work. The only requirement is a stable internet connection and listening device.

Sources have indicated that today’s learners opt for audiobooks over traditional ways of reading text-based material due to their efficiency in knowledge acquisition. According to Mirco Persi (founder of DotLib), learners using audiobooks retain more information than visual readers.

In summary, the Learn Out Loud library provides unmatched opportunities for lifelong learners everywhere looking to acquire knowledge cost-effectively and conveniently through free Audio Books on YouTube.

All You Can Books

Discover an extensive collection of audiobooks with All You Can Books. This dynamic platform offers a vast array of genres, including fiction and non-fiction works, e-books, podcasts and much more. With unlimited access to thousands of titles, avid readers and listeners can get lost in captivating stories for hours on end.

Moreover, All You Can Books offers the option to download books for online and offline listening. The user-friendly interface and intuitive search feature make finding the next great listen a breeze.

For those looking to expand their literary horizons without breaking the bank, All You Can Books is an excellent investment. In addition to affordable monthly subscription plans, you can also check out free audiobooks on their YouTube channel.

Enhance your reading experience by taking advantage of All You Can Books’ multiple features such as bookmarking, highlighting and note-taking whilst enjoying your favourite author’s works.


OverDrive’s seamless integration with major e-readers and mobile devices enhances accessibility. Moreover, it allows syncing between devices so that users can pick up where they left off easily. The platform also offers curated collections based on themes or events like Black History Month or National Poetry Day to celebrate literature’s diversity. Overall, OverDrive’s vast selection of eBooks and audiobooks makes it an excellent resource for those looking for quality reading material or free audio books youtube.

Did you know that The New York Public Library is one of the organizations partnering with OverDrive? They have over 300,000 eBooks available for borrowing! A few years ago, a couple wanted to read the same book while traveling abroad but didn’t want to carry its physical copy – thanks to Overdrive; they both downloaded the eBook from their library back home on their respective devices and enjoyed reading together!


Additionally, Scribl authors have the freedom to publish their own works on the platform, making it an excellent choice for indie writers looking for exposure. Another noteworthy feature of Scribl is its easy-to-use interface and robust search function which helps listeners find exactly what they are looking for with ease.

For those who love audiobooks but aren’t sure where to start, Scribl provides a wealth of options absolutely free – no subscription required. Simply head over to the site or check out their free audio books on YouTube to get started.

Avid audiobook listeners will enjoy hearing about the time when author Stephen King stopped doing his own narrations and allowed the legendary Frank Muller narrate one of his books. Muller knocked it out of the park, capturing King’s work perfectly and adding nuance all King’s own rendition could never convey. Audiobook aficionados know that good narration can add depth and life to a story in ways that reading simply cannot achieve.

Free Classic Audiobooks

Here are six points outlining why Free Classic Audiobooks are worth exploring:

  • Access to thousands of books from different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama.
  • High-quality narration by experienced voice actors that bring the stories to life.
  • No subscription fees or restrictions on the number of audiobooks you can download.
  • The ability to listen anytime and anywhere via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Opportunities for personal growth with access to timeless classics that have stood the test of time.
  • A variety of formats available for downloading, including MP3, M4B and streaming options such as Spotify and other apps like Audible &

It’s also worth mentioning that many classic audiobook titles found on Free Classic Audiobooks are available on platforms such as YouTube. In addition to this fact is something I can suggest;

If you’re new to listening to books this way, it may be helpful first to choose audiobooks narrated by actors whose voices you enjoy listening to for long durations. Reading reviews written by other listeners can help with making decisions about what book might suit your interests better. Free classic Audiobooks provide a meaningful alternative method of experiencing some of the best literature ever written while also offering entertainment values beyond its current popularity.


GraphicAudio is a producer of audiobooks and radio dramas. They offer a wide selection of titles across various genres such as fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and more. What sets GraphicAudio apart from traditional audiobooks is their “Movie in Your Mind” experience. Their productions often include a full cast of actors, sound effects, and cinematic music to create an immersive listening experience.

However, it’s important to note that GraphicAudio’s services are not typically free. They charge for their audiobooks, which are available as CDs or digital downloads. They may occasionally offer discounts or special deals, but generally, their products come at a cost.


It’s worth noting that Storynory also offers unique features like the “listen and read” option where users can follow along with the text while listening to the story. Furthermore, Storynory’s blog section provides informative and interesting articles about various topics related to storytelling, history, mythology, poetry etc., which makes it an excellent resource for learning through listening.

Fun Fact: Storynory was launched in 2005 by Hugh Fraser and his wife Sarah Fraser.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, a digital library founded in 1971, offers over 60,000 free e-books with expired copyrights. The collection includes classic literature, science fiction and other genres. Additionally, the website offers free audiobooks on YouTube, allowing users to listen to their favorite books without any charge.

One unique feature of Project Gutenberg is its mission to digitally preserve cultural works that are out of copyright. The project serves as a helpful resource for students and scholars who need access to classic texts for research or personal interest. Moreover, the platform’s open-source approach has encouraged community contributions that have resulted in a wide range of multilingual resources available.

Did you know that Project Gutenberg was named after Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press?

Mind Webs

This section aims to provide additional reading resources for avid readers. Explore the world of Mind Webs, a popular collection of speculative fiction short stories of the 1970s. These thought-provoking tales feature themes and concepts beyond human comprehension and imagination, narrated by brilliant personalities in the field.

Mind Webs hosts an array of thrilling audiobooks that transport readers to a realm beyond reality. The collection includes works from some of the most distinguished names in science fiction literature such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury. With riveting storylines and unpredictable twists, these audiobooks are perfect for those seeking a respite from conventional storytelling.

For those looking for more free audiobook compilations on YouTube, search for “free audio books youtube”. Discover numerous other engaging works from diverse genres including thrillers, mysteries, biographies and much more. Immerse yourself in gripping tales narrated by a variety of talented voice actors who bring each story to life through their unique interpretations.

One fan’s testimony claimed listening to Mind Webs’ audios “has been an escape into a world different from our own – dark, mysterious, and intriguing.” This unparalleled reading experience is hard to put down once you turn it on- truly bringing reading experiences to life through sound.


Synchronization of Free Audiobooks on Multiple Devices

Syncing audiobooks is the process of connecting multiple devices to access or store downloaded audio files. Due to its flexibility, users can transfer between various devices or continue listening from where they left off. The synchronization process ensures flawless operation that maintains the same playback position across all the connected platforms throughout.

To begin with, syncing involves downloading free audio books on YouTube on different devices through an audiobook player and establishing a connection for seamless data transfer. It enables quick sharing of progress updates of recently downloaded files and history logs across all paired systems in real-time.

With instant syncing, you can switch between your tablet, smartphone, car audio system easily without losing track of your current audiobook. This feature allows users to pick up from where they left off without waiting for time-consuming downloads or tedious searches. From improving productivity on-the-go to enhancing entertainment options while commuting- syncing audiobooks can add value to one’s experience with this medium.

Synchronization is not only useful but also essential when people lead busy lives but still want to keep up with their favorite books. In essence, it makes for a convenient way of managing and accessing digital libraries seamlessly.

History traces both manual and automatic ways for sync operations that grew more sophisticated as technology progressed up through cloud-based storage solutions we have today.

World Book Day

With the aim of promoting reading and learning, an annual event is observed globally. Celebrated every year on April 23rd, this day recognizes the significance of books as a crucial source of knowledge and entertainment by fostering literacy around the world.

World Book Day encourages a love for books across all generations, with diverse initiatives such as book fairs, storytelling sessions, and online readings. This day is dedicated to spreading awareness about books’ transformative power in shaping our thoughts and ideas.

Apart from promoting traditional formats like print books or e-books, newer forms could gain momentum on this occasion. For instance, free audiobooks YouTube channels offer alternatives for busy individuals who wish to enjoy literature while multitasking.

According to CEO Donald Katz, listening to audiobooks triggers similar cognitive processes as reading print books or e-books does. Therefore this World Book Day, make it a point to listen to an audiobook or read your favourite book that might have been collecting dust on your bookshelf for too long!


Digital audiobooks are essentially audio recordings of books that can be downloaded and listened to on a computer, smartphone or other mobile device. They offer the convenience of being able to listen to your favorite books anytime, anywhere. As technology has advanced, the popularity of digital audiobooks has grown tremendously with many digital book libraries coming up on various platforms.

One such unique variation of digital audio books is conclusion-free audiobooks. Unlike traditional audio books, these audiobooks skip over the author’s summary, conclusions or epilogue. This provides an opportunity for listeners to explore their thoughts and feelings about what they have read without being influenced by the author’s conclusion.

Conclusion-free audiobooks are popular among readers who want an unadulterated experience while reading scripts. Especially for people who like to form their own opinions about a given topic by doing due research and study.

Pro Tip: Check out free audio books Youtube channels which offer unlimited access to their libraries with no subscription costs.


Unlike other platforms, RBDigital offers a feature-rich user interface with advanced search options for locating specific audiobooks. The platform also includes a ‘Conclusion-Free Audiobook‘ feature for those who prefer not to hear the conclusion of a book after investing significant time in the story. Moreover, RBDigital provides regular updates and additions to its collection of audiobooks.

A report by Good E-Reader highlighted that RBDigital has over 10,000 audiobooks in its vast collection.


For free audiobooks, consider services like Librivox, which offers public domain books read by volunteers. Or, check your local library’s digital services, many of which offer free audiobook borrowing through apps like OverDrive or Hoopla.

Free audiobooks have gained an enormous following in recent years. Not only do they save time and effort by allowing people to multitask while listening, but they also provide access to valuable materials for individuals without the financial resources to buy books.

In addition to offering cost-effective solutions, free audiobooks expand the readership of lesser-known authors and encourage increased literacy. Given their accessibility and popularity, this platform serves as a valuable tool for education, inspiration, and entertainment.

Moreover, it’s important to note that audiobook listeners retain just as much information as traditional readers. According to the Harvard Business Review, the audio platform facilitates deeper understanding, as listeners engage with the material in a unique way.

Interestingly, a study conducted by Edison Research revealed that 16% of Americans listened to an audiobook in 2020, and the participation rate has been increasing annually. With the ease of access to audiobooks via digital platforms, it is no wonder why this trend continues to grow exponentially.

Source: Harvard Business Review.

Five Facts About Free Audiobooks:

  • ✅ Audiobooks offer a convenient way to enjoy books while doing other activities, such as driving or exercising. (Source: Audible)
  • ✅ Listening to audiobooks can improve literacy skills and comprehension, especially for struggling readers. (Source: National Literacy Trust)
  • ✅ Libraries offer a variety of free audiobooks through apps like Libby and OverDrive. (Source: Library Journal)
  • ✅ Websites like Project Gutenberg and Loyal Books offer thousands of public domain audiobooks for free. (Source: Insider)
  • ✅ Premium audiobook services like Audible and Scribd offer free trials and monthly subscriptions, allowing listeners access to a vast selection of audiobooks. (Source: PCMag)

FAQs about Free Audiobook

What is a free audiobook?

A free audiobook is a digital audio version of a book that is made available to listeners without cost. Many websites and apps offer free audiobooks as a way to promote literature and entertainment.

Where can I find free audiobooks?

You can find free audiobooks on many websites and apps, including Audible, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, Open Culture, and Spotify. Most of these platforms offer a mix of classic and contemporary books in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs.

Can I keep a free audiobook forever?

It depends on the platform and the book. Some audiobooks are available for a limited time, while others can be downloaded and stored on your device permanently. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the platform or website before committing to a free audiobook.

What devices can I use to listen to free audiobooks?

You can listen to free audiobooks on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any device that can play digital audio files. Most audiobook websites and apps offer compatibility with popular devices and operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

Is it legal to download and listen to free audiobooks?

Yes, it is legal to download and listen to free audiobooks that are posted by their respective authors, publishers, or distributors. However, it is illegal to download copyrighted audiobooks that have not been authorized for free distribution.

Can I request a specific book as a free audiobook?

It depends on the platform and the book. Some websites and apps offer a suggestion box where users can ask for specific audiobooks to be added to their collection. However, there is no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.

PS – want to use AI narration tools to publish your own Audiobook?

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