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Glass Alibi, a psychological suspense thriller by Gary Kittle.

Geoffrey Madeley has a problem. His wife, Claire has a secret hidden on her mobile phone, and the more she tries to hide it from him, the more he thinks he knows what it is. Geoff can forgive Claire for her lies, but he won’t let a stranger threaten his marriage without a fight.

Driven by obsession, Geoff resorts to violence, only to discover he has acted upon a catastrophic miscalculation. In a race against the clock and with a manhunt circling ever closer, Geoff must find a way to conceal what he has done from his wife and keep one step ahead of the police.

At any cost.

Because if he doesn’t, not only will the shocking truth destroy the marriage he is struggling to protect, it will turn Claire’s cherished love into a hatred that will outlive them both.


A really interesting read, loved the way the story unfolded and it kept me interested right to the end. Lots of twists and great character development, it’s a good e-page turner!

Glass Alibi is a really good thriller, the tension is built throughout with twists and turns along the way. Very well written, a great read! Loved it!

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