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Having It All by Troy Storm – An Erotic Romance Comedy

A life that has been fraying and collapsing. That’s been town librarian Syble’s life with Steven over the past year. So when she meets the hot, handsome high school coach, Chad, she thinks she’s found the one she needs. But Syble realizes that she cannot give up on either of them, and that’s the tough part – Steven and Chad are like oil and water. Now Syble has to figure out how to make them all lovers, and how to avoid the shock that the small, sophisticated town of CoveHaven will inevitably express faced with the kind of lifestyle that some of their most prominent citizens lead. But bigger problems arise as the high school kids face their own, and town gossip becomes public town meetings, and social media goes on fire. Syble, Steven, and Chad have to figure out how to make their relationship survive the explosive revelations.

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Our Summary

Having It All is an erotic romantic comedy set in the town of CoveHaven. The story follows three of CoveHaven’s citizens, Syble, Steven, and Chad, as they figure out how to make a relationship between the three of them work, while facing the problems that the people in town are also dealing with. Fans of A Table for Three and Desire for Two will absolutely love this hot menage erotic romance that will keep you asking for more – even after the last page.

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What  Readers Are Saying

Troy Storm is a masterful story teller. I loved this book. It grabbed my attention immediately and wouldn’t let me go. His characters were vivid, the plot believable, and unlike things I’ve read recently, had several subplots that kept everything interesting.” – Casey Scott, Amazon reviewer ★★★★
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I was instantly hooked. The characters were fun and sexy. There was a lot of great humor, several subplots that kept everything interesting. Fun little twists and turns that gave it a lot of pep.” – Max Vos, Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★ 
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Anyway, if you are looking for a good read, you like menage… then this book is a great read for you.” – Angie J., Amazon reviewer ★★★
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About the Author

Troy Storm is an erotic romance short story writer and novelist. He has written over two-hundred gay, straight, and mix ’em up stories published under different pseudonyms. You can check out his blog at, and follow him on Facebook at

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Preview the Book

Having It All is a sexy erotic romance novel that will appeal to fans of menage, small town drama, high school coaches, librarians, and challenging relationships.

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