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Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies, a YA Teen SciFi Fantasy Action & Adventure Novel by Michael HH Warren

Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies, Book 1 in the Last Generation series is now available! The Last Generation is a series of young adult science fiction action and adventure novels targeted towards Generation Z that tells a story of the battle between good and evil that has been waging since the dawn of time.

The year is 2026. Herbie Hunter’s life has been turned upside down. His father has died, leaving him and his mother with no choice but to leave their high-tech life in D.C. to live with Herbie’s grandmother in an old mining town still lost in the past. Herbie quickly learns that Paradise Rift is no normal town—a UFO worshipping cult known as the Light Seekers have made it their headquarters, and strange happenings have plagued the town since their arrival. With the help of his friends, family and a secret order of occult scholars, Herbie must reveal the truth despite the odds being stacked against him.

“Engaging, exciting, captivating all describe this powerful teen novel that will have readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. However, don’t let “teen novel” fool you as this is intense and exciting enough for adults to become lost in this remarkable page-turner, with powerful characters and excellent storytelling. I didn’t want the story to end and can’t wait for more in this destined to be a powerful series.” – Cheri Clay, Amazon 5 stars

“This is a real page turner, I honestly couldn’t put it down!” – Melissa, Amazon 5 stars

“Dystopian societies, cults, aliens, what more could you ask for in a novel? This story has plenty of twists that will keep you up all night.” – Kerrie, Amazon 5 stars

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