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The Quakies by Barry Hughes – A Coming-of-Age Suspense Mystery

Jake and his two best friends sign on to help their biology teacher for research, collecting data on the quakies of Lamborn mountain. But a straightforward research job becomes much more complicated and dangerous, when their teacher suddenly disappears. Suddenly, Jake and his friends are thrust into a journey into the surreal, and it is […]

In the Hands of the Unknown by A.E. Hellstorm – A Supernatural Mystery Thriller

  In the dark world, nothing is sacred. That’s where FBI Agent Miriam Goldblum goes when she sees the girl who has been eaten alive from the inside. From there, it’s a world where people have the capabilities to alter reality to suit their own twisted, terrifying agenda. Miriam soon finds herself tangled in a […]

Demon Hunters 4: Premonition by Avril Sabine – A YA Horror Romance Fantasy

  The same dream keeps haunting Emily Hunter. For the past six months, one dream that keeps happening has made Emily quit being a demon hunter. It’s a nightmare that plagues her, one that she wishes she’ll never have again. Finally dreaming of something else doesn’t help, as she only continues to fear for her […]

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