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Interview with Stef Smulders

We interviewed Stef Smulders, an expat living in Italy who wrote the memoir, Living In Italy! Read on to find more about him, his favorite books, and what is exciting to him now!

Hi Stef! We want to know about the three books that inspired you the most!

Tim Parks’ Italian Neighbours for his sense of humor in depicting life as an expat in Italy
John Williams’ Stoner for its passion
Flaubert’s Mme Bovary for its magnificent style and economy of writing

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Book promotion 😉
Reading, a lot!

What is the hardest thing about writing, for you?

Stop procrastinating and just go on with it.

What are you excited about right now?

A new translation of a Dutch book of mine about misunderstandings while trying to speak Italian as a foreigner. The Amazon ranking of my book Living in Italy: it seems to stick at 5000!

Finally, which book would you recommend a reader start with?

Living in Italy: the Real Deal – Hilarious Expat Adventures – 30% Preview – FREE or 99ct only!
Then, if you like the preview, the full book Living in Italy: the Real Deal

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