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Interview with author Fredrick Kyomya

What books inspired your writing?

The books that inspire me to write are The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Stephen Kings On writing. From the Hunger games I really liked the Dystopian angle and the world that she created. She also tackled a lot of social and political issues which I feel are especially pertinent to the era of this generation. From Gone Girl, I really loved the mental gymnastics of the plot. I loved how Gillian Flynn keeps you on your toes with a very unconventional story line.  I really loved how she turns conventions on their heads. From On Writing, I learned so much about writing as a craft and that wasn’t alone in my struggles and doubts. I stumbled onto it at a time when I really felt like giving up on my manuscript and reading it helped me continue and finish it.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Right now I’m in my last year at University, so when I’m not writing I’m working on my assignments and my thesis. When I’m at home, I’ll chill with friends. I also spend a lot of time reading.

What, for you, is the hardest thing about writing?

The hardest thing about writing is definitely the beginning. I just have so many ideas and the story is usually going in a million different directions that I have to sit down and take a bit of time to plan things out.

What are you excited about?

Right now I’m excited about releasing the two other novels I have planned for this year. I’m also excited for other possible creative collaborations.

What book of yours do you recommend readers start with?

I definitely recommend readers to start with Andori, it is my first novel and is also the first in a planned fantasy, dystopian series. It is available on Amazon, Itunes, GooglePlay,Kobo, Odillo, Barnes n Noble and 24 symbols.

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