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Magician by Raymond E. Feist: Where Wizardry, War, and Wisdom Commingle

In the realm of epic fantasy, Raymond E. Feist’s “Magician” stands as a formidable contender, deftly weaving an intricate plot of magic, warfare, and enduring friendships. With its rich, multilayered world-building and engaging character development, “Magician” firmly anchors itself in the reader’s mind, reminiscent of the engaging storytelling style we adore in Bookslut’s reviews.


Nestled within the bounds of the Kingdom of the Isles lies Crydee, a vibrant coastal duchy where two young boys, Pug and Tomas, find their carefree days of adolescence interrupted by the onset of a fierce war. Pug, plucked from his humble origins to be trained as a magician, and Tomas, a steady squire with dreams of knighthood, find their destinies irrevocably intertwined as they teeter on the cliff-edge of a war between two vastly disparate worlds.

Notable Quotes:

  • “The fact of dying is not scary. The fact of being dead is not scary. But the act of dying, the final surrender of all you know, is indeed a fearsome proposition.”
  • “It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes, I suppose.”


Masterfully scribed by Raymond E. Feist, “Magician” serves an enticing blend of magical intrigue and heroic adventures. The narrative, though sweeping across vast landscapes and nuanced characters, stays grounded with Feist’s impeccable portrayal of human dynamics.

From apprenticeship, love, rivalry, and friendship, to the ruthless destructiveness of war, “Magician” meticulously mirrors elements of reality against a backdrop of the fantastical. The narrative veers away from spoon-feeding information, rather indulging its readers in a slow yet gratifying uncovering of the fictional universe.

Feist’s magic system warrants appreciation. The methodical progression of Pug’s magical abilities underlines the author’s detailed magic system, one which serves as a crucial narrative vehicle throughout the series.



Author Bio

Raymond E. Feist, an acclaimed American fantasy writer, has a knack for creating captivating high fantasy. His creation, the world of Midkemia, takes inspiration from the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, enriching it with his unique storytelling prowess.

FAQ or study/book club questions:

  • How does the friendship between Pug and Tomas develop throughout the narrative?
  • Explore the dichotomy of technology and magic in the universe of Midkemia.
  • Discuss the layered aspects of Feist’s magic system.

Where to buy:

“Magician” by Raymond E. Feist can be found here on Amazon.

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