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Magick by Mira Monroe – A YA Wiccan Supernatural Fantasy

Willow is making her plans with her best friends Emily and Lucy for a great senior year, daydreaming about plans from Chepstown, Massachusetts. Her life is perfect, with her dating Daniel, but when she discovers that her long-lost grandmother is part of a royal family of a long line of Wiccans, everything changes. Because she’s next in line for the crown, and not everyone is happy that she’s next in line. Now her world has been turned upside down and exposed to danger, and the only ones who can help her are the rogue guardians who are sworn to her side. Especially the handsome Wiccan warrior, Rhydian, who seems to know everything she doesn’t. Willow must learn to use her magick to uncover dark secrets about her family’s past in order to save the Edayri realm, and everyone she’s ever loved.

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Our Summary

Magick is a YA wiccan supernatural fantasy that follows the teenager, Willow. The story revolves around Willow as she is taken from her perfect life to discover that she is the heir to a royal family of Wiccans, and must evade danger with the help of rogue guardians and the handsome warrior, Rhydian. Fans of Twilight and The Mists of Avalon will love this supernatural fantasy that will keep your heart racing until the last page.

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What Readers Are Saying 

Magick is the beginning of what think is going to be a great series. It is a quick and fun read, I highly recommend. It is the story of Willow told through her eyes at seventeen.” – Jbay, Amazon reviewer ★★★★
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I loved the book! This book has everything you would want while reading….suspense, love, drama, romance, danger, friendship, and of course magick! The characters’ journeys were very well intertwined and intriguing. I am looking forward to more magick to come!! I definitely encourage everyone to read this book!” – Amazon Customer ★★★★★
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Fast-paced and fun, I flew through this book in one sitting. I’m ready for book two! Willow is a fabulous character, full of snark and depth and goodness. I couldn’t choose a better teen to bestow magick upon.” – A K Snyder, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Mira Monroe is a lover of all things fairy tale and fantasy – including the twisted. She believes in following your own dreams, magick, and pixie dust. Caffeinated beverages and key lime pie fuels her. She lives in Florida with her husband, two daughters, and her writing partner, Finn, a yellow Labrador. Her book, Magick, won the 2016 New Apple Book Award Medallion under the eBook category for SciFi/Fantasy/Horror. You can visit her author website at You can also follow her on Twitter @MiraMonroe72, and on Facebook at
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Preview the Book

Magick is a YA paranormal witchcraft fantasy book that will appeal to fans of the supernatural, Wicca, magic, royal heirs, long-lost lines, danger, guardians, rogues, witches, handsome warriors, and heroines who are determined to save the entire world.

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