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Not One Dollar More! How to Save $3,000 to $30,000 Buying Your Next Home (2018 Edition), the classic guidebook on smart homebuying, by Joseph Éamon Cummins


Almost all homebuyers pay too much for their homes — and never discover their misfortune! After all, who’s going to tell them?

New, completely revised third edition of the classic that has sold over 100,000 copies. First published in 1995, Not One Dollar More! has been endorsed by numerous consumer advocates and consumer protection agencies — it is unique in this regard — in the US and elsewhere and is widely quoted.

Written by an independent consumer advocate (no ties to any real estate, bank or finance company), this book has been praised by readers and critics for over twenty years. It is an unchallengeably honest guide for homebuyers at all life stages, having no ‘add-ons’ or courses or other ‘up-sell’ products or services to try to sell to the reader.

The author is an organisational psychologist and educator, and also a former real estate agent. The book is written in plain English and has learning aids built in to embed critical lessons in the reader’s mind — so that they pop up when the pressure is on.

American Homeowners Foundation (which represents America’s 70m homeowners) said of the second edition: ‘Few book writers can put money into your pocket, here’s one who can!’. 

Tony Robbins said: ‘This book is extraordinary!’. 

American Consumers’ Association described it as ‘One of the GREAT books on personal finance; every home in the nation should have this book — now’.

Using stories, examples and real case studies, it tells simply and clearly what homebuyers need to know, do, and say — the tools, secrets, and know-how they are rarely given. These include how to:

* Recognise and avoid the 5 most costly homebuyer mistakes;

* Unearth hidden traps and nasty surprises before committing;

* Make offers, and negotiate powerfully through ‘invisible negotiation‘;

* Use any of 6 simple tactics to save money for 10, 20, 30 years;

* Save a small fortune on home loan and mortgage repayments;

* Engage a buyer agent who’ll work 100% for the homebuyer right through to closing.

One reviewer described the book as: ‘A no-risk investment that could return a cash dividend for decades!’

This new 2018 edition (purple and white cover) replaces all previous editions; it covers significant recent changes about which all homebuyers must stay vigilant.

Available as a print book or ebook from Amazon. SALE now on (ends soon), huge price cuts: Kindle 99c (List Price $9.95):

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