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The best scifi and fantasy 99cent boxset book deals of 2017

Boxsets are a way authors can team up together to reach more readers. The advantage to readers is the huge savings. Most boxsets have at least 20 full-length novels that usually cost $2.99 and up, that have been bundled into 99cent deals to rank higher on Amazon and hit the bestseller lists. It’s a cheap way […]

Wilder by G.K. DeRosa – A YA Supernatural Urban Fantasy Romance with Vampires

Two mysterious, gorgeous brothers. One typical high school girl. A key that unlocks a family secret… All Celeste Wilder ever wanted was to find her Prince Charming, the one who would sweep her off her feet like she had seen in romantic movies. When she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Constantin brothers in her final […]

Of Fear and Faith by N.D. Jones – A Romantic Suspense Thriller with African Mythology

  Fear and faith. One must be conquered, the other embraced – all so that love can take root and bloom. But the fear of an ancient prophecy, of burning magical power, and a broken heart, is something that psychology professor Sanura Williams cannot conquer easily. Special Agent Assefa Berber enters her life, hunting down […]

Demon Hunters 4: Premonition by Avril Sabine – A YA Horror Romance Fantasy

  The same dream keeps haunting Emily Hunter. For the past six months, one dream that keeps happening has made Emily quit being a demon hunter. It’s a nightmare that plagues her, one that she wishes she’ll never have again. Finally dreaming of something else doesn’t help, as she only continues to fear for her […]

Of Witch’s Blood by Jennifer Snyder – Mature YA Paranormal Romance Fantasy with Witches

  Seventeen-year-old Piper Ward isn’t new to the world of the supernatural. She comes from a long line of Cloaking Witches and lives in the city of Newvale, a supernatural mecca. However, when her crush reveals his mystical roots, Piper discovers there is one supernatural breed she hasn’t encountered. Tristan Jarek is part of a […]

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