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Peak Drama: powerful, satisfying conclusion & final battle scene for your novel

There’s nothing worse than getting through a good novel that fizzles out or doesn’t go anywhere. Many authors can create an intriguing first few chapters, but fail with a weak final battle scene that seems flat or two dimensional. This video will help you make sure you conclusion is epic.



Everything in your novel should be building up to the climax: peak drama. The moment when the character is forced to risk everything, and be changed through the experience.

You need 4 things to have a satisfying conclusion:
1. Enough information to make an informed decision
2. Enough at stake to make a calculated risk
3. Enough responsibility to feel tragic guilt or loss
4. Vulnerable enough to be destroyed

Readers are ALL IN:
To have a powerful, emotional conclusion, readers need to be all in. You can build up their engagement in 3 ways (hook, line and sinker):

Hook: action, conflict, suspense
Line: world-building, lovable characters
Sinker: emotional depth and backstory

The conclusion of your novel should include:
Eventual triumph through difficult action

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