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Crush (Crave Book 2)



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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tracy Wolff wrote her first short story―something with a rainbow and a prince―in second grade. By ten, she’d read everything in the young adult and classics sections of her local bookstore. A one-time English professor with more than fifty novels to her name, she now devotes most of her time to writing and dreaming up heroes. She also writes under the name Tracy Deebs and lives in Austin, Texas, with her family. Visit her online at tracywolffbooks.com. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.


Dangerous and intriguing, empowering and swoon-worthy, Crush is everything fans of the series didn’t know they’d want in a sequel and sets up a third installment you won’t want to miss.” -Hypable 
From the hilarious one-liners to the death-defying odds, this book had me turning every page like my life depended on it.” -Vocal.Media
A fantastic and engrossing follow-up to Crave.” -Frolic Media 
Double the romance, stakes, and the danger has ramped up to some pretty critical levels… and just WAIT until you read that ending.” -The Nerd Daily
“It was
mind-boggling, twisty, heart-wrenching goodness all wrapped into one book.” -Reading Throughout the World 
Crush is pure serotonin. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I was reading it. I can’t wait for the next book!” -Cait’s Books 
“I have to admit, I have a problem.
I’m SOOOO obsessed with this series. I honestly just can’t get over it. These books are like an addiction for me.” -The Book Review Crew  
“How can this even exist!
I’m desperate to read the next installment!!” -She’s Book Obsessed 
“This book. I absolutely loved it!!!!
The sequel of CRAVE, CRUSH was a powerful enjoyable read!!” -Bobby Hannafey 
“How is it that even a 700 page book doesn’t feel long enough?
I am OBSESSED.” -YA Allegiance 
Crush is an epic ride from start to finish!” -Melissa’s Books 
My mind is officially blown.” -Simply It’s Blue 
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!” -Yna the Mood Reader 
I am DECEASED by that ending. I have so many emotions.” -Angela’s Bookshelf 
the. last. line. how. will. i. Recover?” -Six of Hoes 
O.M.G. Just… omg!” -The Best Boyfriends are Book Boyfriends 
I need book 3… like right now.” -Anya Reads 
“Yes to it all. Love it. Sorry not sorry.
Hudson is my cinnamon roll, fight me.” -ACOBAF 
“I am obsessed.
I am so beyond obsessed with how this book went. I don’t have the right words. This is one of if not the best book I have read this year. I literally want to re-read it.” -Book Wife Reviews 
“Let me start off by saying this was the best YA novel I have read in quite sometime.
I was completely blown away.” -Lady Crystal Lynn
I AM ON THE TRAIN, FULL SPEED AHEAD. *Chooo-choooo*” -The Fun Sized Reader 
“I will say that
this book reminds me of why I love to read. I got so caught up in the story and it was just so fun!!” -My Bookish Delights 

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8 reviews for Crush (Crave Book 2)

  1. Dave Birkmier

    Do not readI am 3/4ths the way through this book. And its horrible!!!I absolutely loved the first book. But now the author is trying to hard. She did a 180 from the first book. I just almost threw the book across the room (not really because I’m an adult).Its obvious from the first 100 pages what she is doing.Spoilers ahead!*********Anytime Jaxson doesn’t anything nice for her, she has this “feminist” need attitude and gets pissed.The first book, the spark between her and jaxson was so strong, now she barely cares about him at all because he does nice things for herShe has hudson in her head and they basically make fun of jaxson the whole book.Now has flint waiting for jaxson to realize they are mated. Give me a f***ing break.Over it.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Crush really did crushed me…First of all I think that Tracy Wolff did a very good job with Book #1 Crave. I really love it completely. But I have a very different opinion about second book Crush. I was hoping so much more of it, craving for so much more…and I was hugely disappointed. In the process to make twists to the story, I think the author completely destroy and turn to dust the main characters that were so beautifully developed in the first book. I mean what happened to Jaxon??!! He was so intriguing, so damn interesting, mysterious and powerful in Crave and what we’ve got here?!! A total different spoiled character!! Always weak, so drained, so not himself at all that he is barely recognizable!! Jaxon! The badass vampire who inspired so much fear in everyone!! I know about character development and all that but you’ve got to be kidding me!! It doesn’t make him justice and to me it was so painful to lose him. Not to mention that Grace character in this book was really frustrating and annoying. I mean she was always meant to be strong and independent and that was really cool but here she seems so disconnected from her mate even before the mating bond was broken. As a girlfriend and mate, her lack of interest in their relationship, the way she doesn’t even listen to Jaxon anymore but seems so eager to listen to whatever Hudson has to say, giving him all the attention and caring that she no longer give to Jaxon. Seems like she was never genuinely in love with him at all and was only with him because he was super attractive and powerful as no one else, but just until another more powerful vampire came across her way! His own brother Hudson and suddenly Jaxon is not good enough anymore!! Ugh!! I hated that!! Hate the way the relationship between Grace and Jaxon was suddenly diminished in order to force a love relationship with Hudson, sorry but it doesn’t work fine for me. And what about that now also so suddenly Flint is gay, so we must just forget about all the times that he was obviously hitting on Grace and accept that he was always only interested in Jaxon and maybe even get used to the idea that the reason Jaxon was checking on Flint in the field previous to the tournament is because they could be destined to be together as mates after all, seriously?!! No, I just don’t get it. What a disappointment indeed. I really hope that this is not the path this story will follow. I hope that book #3 give some justice to the characters and finally provides satisfying answers to questions that at this point in the story since book #1 still unanswered.

  3. Sara D Nitikman

    GroundbreakingThis book may be one of the best damn books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read 40 books just since January. You can also tell that i practically inhaled this book by the fact that I’m posting this review barely 48 hours after it was released.I absolutely loved book 1 and told everyone i knew about it but this one just blew it out of the water!I refuse to put any spoilers here because I would never deny you the pleasure of reading it yourself but I say what I can without spoilers.I laughed on nearly every page. I cried heaving sobs more than once and there was a twist so momentous that I’m pretty sure my brain fried and we had to turn it off and turn it on again just so I could function. The great thing was that even though I could see the twist coming due to the carefully laid out clues, but it didn’t detract from the story, it only heightened the suspense and anticipation.I seriously can’t wait to start from book 1 and read the whole series all over again with new eyes!Love this book! I’m dying in wait for the next one!!!!

  4. S Payne

    Not as good as the first but a good continuationI really enjoyed the first book in this series, even though it was predictable and the characters were stereotypical, it still had something. I said that I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy the second in the series and I didn’t, I got this one when it was on sale for 99p on my Kindle. As I enjoyed the first one, I had high hopes for the continuation of the story.The start of the first chapter was a bit confusing to me at first, given where we left things in the previous book, but when I read on it soon started to make sense. The characters are the same but their relationships have changed a bit and the book seems to carry more tension. We learn a lot more about Jaxon’s brother Hudson and more about the different magical beings, the history behind them and the politics of their world.I did find this book a bit slow in places and I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Grace just seemed to possess every skill that was required at the time, this felt a bit too fabricated to me. The pace of the book was slower than the first and there are some odd power plays between the kids and the adults that confused me, the kids have so much power and not just the magical type.I finished this book not enjoying it as much as the first but I will finish the series and I’ll do the same as I did before and wait until the next one is at a reduced price as it didn’t hook me enough to grab the next one as soon as it’s released.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Holy shit this was good!!I loved the first book but this was even better. In book two we meet Hudson and I realised fairly early on that Hudson would never hurt her because firstly he isn’t the bad guy he’s been made out to be and secondly because it was obvious what he felt for Grace. I loved their banter and bickering but I found myself torn between how good Jason was for her and how good Hudson was for her but in a different way. But holy gargoyles babies I did not expect that final as l sentence from Hudson, book three is going to be hella interesting and I don’t envy Grace. Okay who am I kidding? Grace is only lucky gargoyle, but who should she choose??

  6. Shells

    Very badly written, book is failed by the author’s poor storytelling skills & ramblingNo spoiler section:I love cheesy, YA, Fanfic-style supernatural novels, so I should have loved this book. The first one was tolerable, but this one is so bad I begrudge having spent time and money on it when there are many novels and fanfictions out there that are so much better.As it is a YA twilight-esque novel I wasn’t expecting the best written novel, but what we get is so rubbish I wonder how it even got published. The plot is nonsensical with half of it being irrelevant, character development is inconsistent at best and non-existent at worst (sometimes even regressive); many of the decisions made by characters are illogical, even for teenagers!The dialogue/monologue was so repetitive I was bored. By the time i got to about 40% of the book I was so fed up with it I ended up skimming through the pages, not willing to read all the repetitive commentary.Skipping through chunks in order to get to the next scene, hoping for some development in the story.Regarding Grace’s “I am an in-de-pen-dent wo-man” attitude it is tiresome and forced. If you’re going to make a big deal about female strength (which I fully approve) then at least give the conversations & character the necessary depth to make them meaningful. Most of the time she’s just acting like a spoiled brat, whingeing about everything, snapping because Jaxon or Finn, or anyone else for that matter is giving her a helping hand. She proceeds to throw what can only be described as hissy-fits or tantrums for being offered help, has another tiresome monologue which stupidly ends with a “we have to help each other” when that is exactly what the other character(s) had been doing.This forced token of female strength is so cringe-y it detracts from the female empowerment movement.Spoilers:Examples of why this book is so bad:1. Why is it that Uncle Finn is so panicked about Grace’s condition with Hudson in her head, worried enough to ‘let’ Jaxon take her to the Bloodletter to find a solution and yet they come back and we don’t hear from the responsible adult again?That is the last dialogue we get from Uncle Finn. Where did he go? Was Hudson not that big a deal?2. Regarding the mating bond- it was poorly handled. Do NOT make it to be such a huge massive deal in book 1 with how ‘rare’ it is for someone to find it so young, that some supernaturals go all their lives without ever finding their mate, to then in book 2 destroy the characters & relationships created and reduce the “mate” link to something that is fickle and can be destroyed/forgotten and even held with multiple mates.Jaxon’s entire character is reversed at the author’s whim but no decent storyline is put in place to enable the reader to understand the changes. By the end of the book he had less relevance than a secondary character.3. Finn, I’m lost for words on this one. Another cool interesting character that got destroyed. If you want to make him gay that’s fine, but at least make it make sense, give him a story, development, not just a random “good morning, I’m Gay today and I pine over Jaxon my ex-best friend” conversation which then never gets mentioned again. Such an awkward conversation, out of the blue, simply to fit into the whole love-triangle rubbish being built for Hudson/Grace/Jaxon. Also Jaxon checking Finn out during one of their practice sessions.4.Grace’s inconsistent character. For example, she wakes up being a Gargoyle, gets freaked out and then wastes pages and hours of rambling before we get any details. She then finally dedicates an evening to “research” and Hudson possesses her body (and takes notes) , but she never goes back to read his notes?! And he never shared the info?She SAYS she wants to know what it means to be a gargoyle, she goes on and on and on about it, but then she doesn’t DO anything.She just talks about wanting to do stuff, hundreds of pages dedicated to her boring repetitive complaints.5. Why is Grace going to classes & doing assignments instead of getting the items for the spell? why are they doing this as after-school activities AND also have time to fit in a tournament? Is it not life & death? The sense of urgency shown at the start just disappears so she can paint, take some photos and do sweet nothing.Closing argument:This could have been a fun read, it was a great idea creating a gargoyle, absorbing Hudson’s spirit, creating that Laudares game was cool, I could have even gotten on board with the alternative love-interest, plus we had what could have been a strong female protagonist.In the end the book is failed by the author’s poor storytelling skills, lack of planing & never ending rambling.

  7. Kindle Customer

    Slow burn turned into a swirl of fireI’ve read Crave and it was alright, then found Crush with which I was struggling to remember where Crave finished, but I kept going…and I got trapped in the new developments. It may be silly…but I’ve felt the thrills…made my own theories and hoped that each further page I read will get me there. Now I have to wait until March…grrr but still excited

  8. Ivona

    Exciting, Lovely snd Jaw Dropping !This book has been my nighttime and morning time reading.i can say that i struggled to let it go.The twist of the story is almost jaw – dropping, however i could feel that this will be the final end.Now, im just sad that i need to wait until April for next volume !

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