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Edge of Collapse



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Paper Moon Press January 31 2020

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January 31 2020



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10 reviews for Edge of Collapse

  1. J.Wolf

    Okay, hard to put down, but too short for the priceNot bad but not great either and definitely not your typical EMP survival kind of book either which can be both good and bad. There were a few minor grammatical errors (incomplete sentences, etc) but nothing at all extreme. I have certainly seen far, far worse by other authors in the same genre. My biggest warning would be that if you are someone easily triggered by abuse towards both humans and/or animals you would be wise to skip over this book and pick another book instead. This book however is tough to put down and will keep you engaged and wanting to know what happens next, especially during some of the action scenes so for that I think it was at least a decent read all things considered. Overall my biggest complaint would be that this is another one of those books that is way too short for the price so I’m not sure if I’ll buy the next part or not.

  2. M D Tuch

    really good story – terrible endingHannah has been given a gift as a result of a national disaster. Freedom from the dastardly and cruel Pike, a walking talking Snidely Whiplash, only meaner, more dangerous. She meets Liam, a troubled former elite Delta fighter making his way across the frozen northern Michigan forests.This is a good book. Not really literature, but Stone does succeed in nicely relating the frustration Hannah faces, as well as the indecision Liam is saddled with. I like the short chapters, the quick, thrusting sentence structure. The alternating POV is easy to follow, since there is no time for figuring out who is talking. The rollercoaster starts on the first sentence, and although it slows occasionally to describe the intense cold/anticipation/determination to survive, the ride is riveting and fast-moving. Repetition, predictability and a few small story errors are easy to overlook.My problem is the ending, or lack of an ending, and it is a big problem. Stone is talented enough to have securely hooked the reader, a non-conclusion isn’t necessary to sell another book. Now, after that, I am not sure if I will take the bait again, since I feel certain that 2 of 5, 3 of 5 or even 4 of 5 will be equally well written but also similarly disappointing. Sorry to see a 5-star book drop to 3-stars. The story is better than that.

  3. Kindle Customer

    People saying this is a page turner must have been talking about how much they were skimming pagesMade it to chapter 5, couldn’t force my self to read any further.Overly descriptive. There is pretty much an entire chapter describing the process of a character walking out of a door.

  4. jsauer750

    Not worth the read or money4 chapters and nothing but adjectives about Hannah ….no plot, no action, no thrill…just flat. Author needs to read good apocalyptic stories to see how they can be written…not this mindless babble she does. I could not give it a half star.

  5. Cheree~For Love of Books4

    I couldn’t stop!Ummm what just happened? I started reading an EMP Apoc book and came out with so much more than I ever could have imagined! I’m pretty sure I read the majority of this book with my mouth hanging open in shock.Hannah… oh Hannah, you are such an empowering character! Liam, you are fantastic and I love you LOLHonestly, I didn’t even read the book description before I read this book LOL there was a Great Pyrenees on the cover and it was EMP Apoc by Kyla Stone, what else do I need? Well, you can imagine my mind was blown right off my head from the first word!I am “patiently” pacing a path in my floor waiting for the next book. I’ve gobbled up Liam’s story in Chaos Rising, and now I’m just here hoping everyone reads this amazing book so we can all talk about the craziness!

  6. Dave

    A survival thriller it is!A thriller is something that makes us uncomfortable, nervous in fact, but for some deep seated reason we can’t stop thinking about it. The thrill comes when we can’t put it down and our favorite characters survive against all odds, rewarding our subconscious for sticking with the story despite our nerves. And man, do these characters survive – against so many different threats. In a story that will have your nerves pushing you to the edge of your seat Hannah and Liam survive again and again, starting with an EMP and a harsh Michigan winter and ending with . . . well, you’ll just have to read it. Kyla Stone has a knack for showing how disasters can be a plus for both bad and good people, and “Edge of Collapse” is no exception. I’m pre-ordering the sequel right now!

  7. judy bridges

    WOW..!! Apocalypse Thriller to say the least…Of all the Apocalypse books I have read and they are many, this is by far the best. I love the way this author sticks to the storyline. it’s not one of those books that have a great couple of chapters and then jumps to a boring couple of chapters the characters in her book are few and so thrilling that one doesn’t mind the jump. I had such a hard time putting this book down. I’m waiting now for my second book,” Edge of Madness”, it is supposed to be delivered to my Kindle today, 17th..!! Please hurry I’m on the edge of madness myself waiting for that book…!!!

  8. Patsy Hennessey

    Tense, thrilling start!I love post apocalyptic fiction, and Kyla Stone is one of the best in this genre. This is the start of a new EMP series, and wow, does it start with a bang! We’re at the mercy of a madman, locked in a cold and claustrophobic basement, when the apocalypse turns into an opportunity for one strong woman.This one kept me on the edge of my seat, up past my bedtime with nonstop tension. I can’t wait to see what happens to the fascinating characters in this series next!

  9. Jess

    Exciting and fast paced book.I absolutely loved this book and read it in a day. The tensions between the two main characters, Liam and Hannah, are well drawn and the dog, Ghost, I really fell in love with. The story moves along at a fair clip and readers are not left hanging about waiting for the next event. I loved the descriptions of the snowy landscape and the little survival hacks, such as the cotton wool balls soaked in Vaseline. The writing is clear and the author really knows how to tell a story. At times I actually felt as though I was there in the snow and freezing cold. This book is well worth 5 stars. However I have only given it 4 stars because to my utter disappointment, when I tried to buy the next book in the series this morning after I finished this one (that is how much I enjoyed it), I found it is only available in Kindle format. I do not have a Kindle. Neither do I want one. Reading from one hurts my eyes. I am sure I am not the only person to prefer the smell and feel of a paperback book to a Kindle so why can’t this series continue in paperback format? As it is I am just left hanging because it is clear from the ending of the first two books that there are a great many questions left that need an answer, including the fate of the two babies and the murderous Gavin Pike. If the author reads these reviews it would be appreciated if she could explain why the series cannot continue in book form because if she had I would have purchased all the books in this series and this review would have been a 5 star and would not have ended with a complaining question.After I submitted this review, complete with its whinging, I was suddenly able to buy a paperback copy of the next book in the series. I don’t know if the whinging caused it but since I have been able to read the next book, which is just as good. I can now edit my review and award this book the 5 stars it deserves! Many thanks Ms Stone. Keep going!

  10. Tina Gillham

    WOW what a storyThis is so exciting, it covers two genres, both of which I love, a thriller about someone abducted by a psycho and kept against her will for years who escapes, and a nail biting apocalyptic end of the world scenario. The writing is good, as is the spelling and grammar, so no distractions, and the characters are wonderful, people you want to like. There is even a dog! read it you will thank me for it.

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