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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: A Novel



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Praise for The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo:

“Riveting, heart-wrenching, and full of Old Hollywood glamour, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is one of the most captivating reads of 2017.”  (Buzzfeed)

“A novel of Old Hollywood that’s simultaneously gossipy and poignant. Look no further for the glamour, ambition and shocking secrets your beach-blanket sessions demand.” (People)

“Come for the glam old Hollywood vibes; stay for a touching tale of a young reporter and a silver-screen legend.” (Cosmopolitan)

“In her mesmerizing tale, Taylor Jenkins Reid explores Hollywood’s heyday with a heroine akin to Elizabeth Taylor. Movie icon Evelyn Hugo, now a recluse at 79, unfurls the story of her glamorous life and her scandalous seven marriages.” (Us Weekly)

“The epic adventures Evelyn creates over the course of a lifetime will leave every female reader mesmerized. This wildly addictive journey of a reclusive Hollywood starlet and her tumultuous Tinseltown journey comes with unexpected twists and the most satisfying of drama.”  (PopSugar)

“If you’re looking for a book to take on holiday this summer, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo has got all the glitz and glamour to make it a perfect beach read — as long as you’re prepared to cry off all your sunscreen, because this book gets *emotional*. Each of Evelyn’s marriages comes with its own hurt and heartbreak, from infidelity and betrayal to domestic abuse. But running throughout Evelyn’s tumultuous life is one great love that will leave you sobbing into the pages.”  (Bustle)

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is more than escapism fiction sweeping its audience back to an era when show biz glamour danced with real-life intrigue, romantic entanglements and perceived impropriety. With memorable characters rivaling any Hollywood blockbuster, Taylor Jenkins Reid marries themes of loyalty, betrayal, friendship and love into a soaring, fast-paced and gripping performance. It leaves readers asking if they are merely role-playing with those they love or being true to an authentic self.” (Shelf Awareness, starred review)

“[The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo] is fascinating, emotional and will be hard to put down. For fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid, this is her best work yet.” (Associated Press)

“A spellbinding novel about love, glamour and the price of fame.” (Emily Giffin, New York Times bestselling author of First Comes Love )

“In her latest mesmerizing tale, Reid transports readers back to Hollywood’s heyday with a heroine in the likes of — but more intriguing than — Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Katherine Hepburn. Yes, Evelyn Hugo is the glamorous idol you admire, but she’s also the relentless fighter you aspire to be. Her life’s story is heartbreaking, yet beautiful and will keep readers captivated until the very last page.” (Jamie Blynn, Us Weekly )

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is the total package: the very best of Classic Hollywood intrigue, a delicious twist, and incisive commentary on the wages of stardom, especially for women.”  (Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed culture writer and author of Scandals of Classic Hollywood )

Reid’scharacters will enchant readers as they travel through the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood and the truths they both must confront.” (Real Simple)

Taylor Jenkins Reid is the queen of queens when it comes to beach reads, and this breathtaking treat proves once again the throne is hers alone.”  (Redbook)

Addictive, dazzling and bound to leave you in tears (classic Taylor Jenkins Reid), The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo should be your No. 1 reading priority this summer.” (SheKnows)

“Leave it to Taylor Jenkins Reid to keep readers captivated, from the first page to the last. With a parade of lovable characters and unputdownable plot, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo should top every reading list this summer.” (Working Mother)

“A cinematic tale with hardscrabble roots, staggering highs and sickening lows. The novel reads like a celebrity tell-all, and this makes it delicious. But it’s also got heft, because Hugo’s story is one of overcoming adversity, racism and sexism to get to the top. She fails, falls, triumphs and learns difficult lessons about the things that really matter. With this riveting novel,  Reid has created an exceptional character with the wherewithal to take on the patriarchy.”  (Globe and Mail)

“A big, juicy read…Reid expertly captures the hothouse nature of Hollywood…the story is fresh, and the end reveal is worth the wait” (Historical Novel Society)

“This sweeping tale is about an aging Hollywood starlet and the rookie magazine reporter she hires to pen her breathtaking (and scandalous) life story. Trust us: You’ll be swooning over the twist for months.” (Brit & Co.)

“Jenkins has crafted another tale sure to appeal to fans of women’s fiction, Susan Meissner, and Beatriz Williams.” (Library Journal)

“Evelyn Hugo is a character who can demand top billing…Reid’s heroine reveals her darkest secrets as if she were wiping off makeup at the end of the night—a celebration of human frailty that speaks to the Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor in us all.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Reid knows how to tug at heart strings with unusual tales of finding real and lasting love…the reader [will be] captivated by old Hollywood glamour, intriguing and complex characters, and Reid’s unsurpassed ability to leave her audience reaching for a hankie. An utterly unique take on what truly makes a family.” (Booklist)

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo has big, juicy secrets at its heart– not just about the surprising identity of movie star Evelyn Hugo’s true love, but of the lengths she has gone to protect that mysterious lover. Brimming with heartache, betrayal, and a lifetime of Hollywood gossip, this raucous novel will seduce you even as it leaves you wanting more.” (Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet and June )

“A glamorous romp through Hollywood in its heyday, Taylor Jenkins Reid’s latest offers up several unexpected twists and a dazzling, ambitious movie star who will break your heart.” (Fiona Davis, author of The Dollhouse )

“Evelyn Hugo makes Liz Taylor seem pedestrian. Taylor Jenkins Reid has drawn a rich, emotionally complex heroine who is so real that you’ll forget she only lives in the pages of a book. This is an utterly compelling dance with love and tragedy, sometimes both at once; you’ll laugh with Evelyn, cry with her, ache with her, and then go back to page one and do it all over again.” (Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, authors of The Royal We )

“Anyone who appreciates old Hollywood glamour will want to check this one out.” (Today.com)

About the Author

Taylor Jenkins Reid is the New York Times bestselling author of seven novels, including Malibu RisingDaisy Jones & The Six, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their daughter.

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10 reviews for The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: A Novel

  1. AprilD1

    Do not waste your moneyDo NOT buy! This is Propaganda at Best! The media spews propaganda in the daily. I don’t care for my leisure time of reading to have assaults on the “white male”, and the Lord’s name in vain as Printed. If I could put no stars, I would. What a shame and a disgrace. When you are reading a story, you wish to escape. There is no escape from liberal propaganda by the likes of Taylor Jenkins Reed. Do not waste your money.

  2. D.M.E

    So-soFor a book with over 56,000 ratings and 9000+ reviews, I’d say my opinion counts for squat. However, my average rating reflects how this book made me feel.Parts were great, parts were boring, overall it was meh. After the forth or fifth? marriage, it was like Groundhog Day.For me to be invested in a story, I need to care about at least one of the main characters. That didn’t happen in this instance.

  3. carrie

    WasteI read a review of this book that said it was an excellent summer read. I am half way thru and thinking about dumping it. Not very interesting. I guess the fact that the central characters are lesbians and the fictional writer is biracial it’s enough to make it edgy and interesting for the author. Pure device. Better to read a bio of Elizabeth Taylor if you want to read about an interesting actress with a multitude of husbands. This book is plain dull.

  4. Gracie

    Let downThis was not what I was expecting. The writing and storytelling was good and kept me reading to the end but turned out to be a preachy propaganda piece for a certain agenda. If I had known that I would not have purchased the book. If you are a conservative reader, pass this one up.

  5. Kindle Customer

    For Gently Left of Center KarensSo I don’t understand all the rave reviews – it’s not even a fun beach read, just another gently left of center story with the correct Ivy League opinions where the lesbians are as attractive as in a Penthouse forum letter, the characters are white inside with beautiful Carmel colored coatings, and you can see the twist coming from M. Knight Shyamalan’s porch.

  6. Carrie K

    HeartbreakingI read this at the recommendation of someone and I think that someone owes me a box of tissue.What to even say about this? I was at a loss for words when I finished reading this last night, and I’m still struggling.I don’t want to recap the book because that has been done before already and I feel that it would be full of spoilers if I attempted to.The way the book was organized to take us on this journey was clever. It is alternately narrated by Monique, the reporter who has been appointed to write the biography of Evelyn (Herrera) Hugo, and Evelyn herself. Going back and forth between past and present while we move forward through time in the different era’s of each of Evelyn’s seven husbands. Tricky but creative. And it worked.This entire book had me feeling so angry and heartbroken. I kept thinking about how terrible it was that people had to do so much to maintain secrecy out of fear of ridicule (or worse). Then I had to remind myself that it is still that way today at times and in some places. I have been so fortunate that I have been able to live my truth with very little conflict or turmoil.I read a 1 star review for this saying race and whatever was added to be titillating. I wish I could say that was funny considering the themes of this book. Clearly that person didn’t understand the message. But it just isn’t funny, it is sad. I appreciated the diversity. Half back/white narrator. Black boss. Cuban American title character. That isn’t titillating, it is representative of the REAL WORLD.Ultimately this story is about the love of Evelyn Hugo’s life and her desire to tell her truth once and for all. She experience so much pain and hardship through all phases of her life. It was difficult reading everything she goes through. But I felt that one thing lead to another authentically. I think her actions were based on her experiences. I didn’t agree with some of them, but I could understand them.The ending was a surprise, for sure. The author did a great job of planting seeds throughout the book that kept you hooked to want to know what this was all about.Evelyn was full of sexuality and sex was a constant theme. I’m so impressed how the author wrote about it without ever being explicit.In the end, I was moved by the story. I shed many tears. I may not have liked Evelyn Hugo. I don’t think we are really supposed to. But I definitely felt empathy and sadness. As well as a sense that I had read something wonderful.

  7. Saturday Nite Reader

    Addicting, brilliantly written story!You know the saying about potato chips “bet you can’t eat just one!”? Well, don’t eat potato chips while reading this book. For starters potato chip grease gets on the pages, which is a pet peeve of mine. But, more importantly you will not be able to stop reading chapter after chapter and your stomach can’t handle all those chips. This can definitely be a one sitting book read.If you are looking for a book to start your summer off right: this here is your jam!As a teenager, Evelyn Hugo knew she wanted bigger and better things than Hell’s Kitchen. Her mom dreamed of Hollywood, and after her death Evelyn would do everything in her power to make her mom’s dream her own. She married her first husband to get her to Hollywood and the next six to keep her there.You only knew what she set up to tell you; only a few knew the real Evelyn. At the age of 79 she is ready to tell all and hires an unknown journalist, Monique Grant, to do the telling. Why now? Why Monique? And, what the public wants to know is out of the seven, who was the love of her life? Well that I will not tell you: you need to read the book!It was an addicting, brilliantly written story. Author Taylor Jenkins Reid reeled me in: hook, line and sinker. This is the first and certainly not the last book I will read by her.

  8. Kindle Customer

    A Must ReadMy God, this woman can write!It’s all here: scandal, honesty, brutal words, delicate words. Sentences that take your breath away. Definitely not a beach read, but a book with great depth.

  9. Mojo

    YawnNot for me this one, I was looking for something a little lighter to read, lighter is what I got! Just a very vapid tale about a shallow bunch of people. I didn’t like either of the central characters, they had nothing interesting to say. Life, loss, regret – maybe so but these characters are so one dimensional nothing has any deep meaning or emotional content that truly hits. At times I found the narrative to be somewhat juvenile, ultimately just horribly superficial trying to be meaningful. No plot surprises at all just cliches.

  10. Chelley Toy – TalesOfYesterday

    Addictive and SpecialWow! Where do I start with this book! I enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. WORD! It was hard to put down and when I did I couldn’t wait to pick it back up again!An historical love story with a bisexual narrator, a famous old Hollywood actress, and all of her seven marriages. It tells the story of Evelyn, who wants to be famous, who learns early on in life that to get what she wants she has to play the part in every sense of the word. Now in her seventies Evelyn wants to share her life story with journalist Monique who has been personally picked by Evelyn. A tell all memoir about her life and her rise to fame. The glitz and glam of old Hollywood, the manipulation, the scandal, Hollywood cover ups, having to conform to society norms of the time and what it meant to be gay/bisexual during that time period.It felt like non fiction. Like I was reading about Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Everything was so detailed. All the characters felt so real. Evelyn is flawed, ambitious and strong. A completely unapologetic character, manipulative and selfish who I loved! There are times she will frustrate you as a reader, but she is compelling and unforgettable! And with each husband she captivated me more with her spell.The real reason for Evelyn picking Monique is intriguing and kept me hooked in the present day story telling. Evelyn’s rollercoaster life flows chronologically over the years and covers topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, female empowerment, sexuality, found family, motherhood and love. It is as much a story about Evelyn as it is about Harry and Celia’s life too. These two characters completely had my heart. I went on as much of an emotional journey with them as I did with Evelyn.Taylor Jenkins Reid is without a doubt, a fantastic story teller. The way she writes her characters and their lives is addictive and very special.Enough of my gushing. Remember. Life is short. Life is precious. Live life without regret. Hold loved ones tightly. Love who you love. Make memories to last a life time. Laugh. But most of all be unapologetically you! Always! ❤️

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