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Things We Never Got Over



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Editorial Reviews


Book Addict ~ “I laughed. I cried. I laughed while I cried, and I definitely blųshed, and it was the best, most delıcious emotıonal rıde! Knox and Naomi’s story is an epic, spectacular read that will easily maintain its place on my list of tòp five reads for the year.”

Read.Mom.Repeat ~ “Lucy is a master at creating characters so real, lovable, and funny.”

Liber Lady ~ “It’s a long story, you gotta take your time to get involved with all these characters, see the relationships develop and grow, you get ALLLL THE LITTLE MOMENTS that would make you GUSH AND SWOON”

About That Story ~ “There’s that moment when you finish a really incredible book when you just have to take a second to take a deep breath and absorb all your feelings because it was so tremendously good and you can’t voice all the good it made you feel. You feel it in your soul. That’s what Things We Never Got Over did for me.”

Stacey and Paige Love Books ~ “I loved the small town of Knockemout VA and the people who live there are perfectly written in a way only Lucy Score can do. I had all the feels in this book from tender moments, hot sex to laughing my butt off!”

Cassie Reading ~ “The way the characters grow and entangle into each other’s lives is one of the author’s many talents. Especially with the side characters.”

Kerosene.lit ~ “Immediately jumping into a fiery banter, Naomi and Knox had me smiling. The cherry on top was the fantastic ominous tone mixed in, slowly building the suspense as the story progressed.”

A Book Lovers Playlist ~ “As with most of Lucy’s books I laughed, I cried, sometimes I laughed until I cried, and I loved every single second of it. Reading her books always feels like coming home to me. The writing, the characters, it’s always so special.”

Jens Dreamy Little Reads ~ “I loved Naomi and Knox’s vulnerable moments and when they opened up and shared as well. I loved their struggle and conflict as they got closer and more emotion came into play. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for them to get together.”

Bookish Bellee ~ “I have permanent starry eyes with actual tears of joy every time I think of this book”

Lyndsey Is Booked ~ “I loved this story and loved the surprise at the end from Lucy.”

What HH Reads ~ “The build-up between Knox and Naomi was perfection and the slow burn was worth it! My heart was broken and then put back together in the best way. This book had so many lessons and I felt a couple that were speaking right to me.”

Read with Rach ~ “I loved Knox and Naomi and found myself really rooting for them.”

Bex Book Revieuxs ~ “The book hangover is real y’all, so many emotions… heartbreak and bravery, laughter and triumph, this book just rolled right over me.”

Pineapples and Coffee Book Reviews ~ “This book is a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I was comforted that this is a romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.”

Elles Book Blog ~ “It’s got every single thing I love in a romance book: a gruff/grumpy bad boy who says he doesn’t want love, but his actions dictate otherwise, a hopeless romantic heroine that all readers want to befriend, a small town with charm but one that doesn’t skimp on the gossip, and a sweet budding romance that readers root for.”

Jeeves Reads Romance ~ “I loved the subtlety and the transformation of the broken hero – and broken heroine – and the growth in intimacy was so very satisfying. These two opposites attract in the best of ways, and their chemistry was both smokin’ hot and seriously swoony.”

Reading, Willing & Able ~ “The small-town characters were plentiful and colourful! This well-written story made me laugh, as well as pulled at my heartstrings with its excellent plot. Fabulous read!”

Love Shack Romance ~ “This book is addictive reading with its lovely, kind heroine in Naomi and the combative grump with a heart of gold in Knox. With hot times, wit and banter, a wonderful cast of characters, brother duking it out over anything, a talented, blossoming pre-teen and a growing problem, and you have a wonderful read which goes straight onto my reread shelf.”

Wendy’s Thoughts Reviews ~ “The humor was strong, the family connections solid, and the groundwork for continuing this series with all of the secondary characters works.”

Kiss the Pages ~ “I absolutely loved the humor but even more I loved the depth of emotion as these characters grew and learned from their mistakes.”

KC Book Lover ~ “I laughed so much over all the antics and town gossip, but I also swooned so hard over Knox, the grumpy barber, who stepped in to be the hero she never expected to find. Naomi lived her whole life trying to never be a burden to anyone, putting herself last and I LOVED that Knox, even with his own insecurities, saw the amazing women she was. I especially loved this nickname for her – everytime he said it I fell a little more in love with Knox. Some great twists with all the drama of her sister, but the journey we took with Naomi and Knox was worth it all! 5 STARS!!!⁣”

Romance Reviewed ~ “It made me laugh, it made me cry, but most importantly it left me feeling happy and hopeful.”

Romantic Rush Reads ~ “Lucy Score always gives me the feel-good and adorably witty sincere romance butterflies. Things We Never Got Over has all her sincere magic with a heavy heap of small town charm and an immersive level of suspense.”

The Romantic Bibliotheca ~ “Each side character is precious. Seriously. They deserve their own story, especially Knox’s brother and bestie.”

Ruth’s Romances Blog ~ “The writing is so entertaining that it’ll have you breezing through the pages. I felt all the feels. Laughed out loud (so many times). My kindle sizzled. And my gosh all the characters were just so fun and likeable.”

Mum That Reads ~ “I finished this book with a big fat tear rolling down my face. And I don’t care one bit.”

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Knox TWNGO small town enemies to lovers opposites attract grumpy sunshine evil twin

small town romantic comedy steamy enemies-to-lovers opposites attract evil twin

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10 reviews for Things We Never Got Over

  1. Kady

    oh. my. god!I’ve never written a book review. I know there are people who do this professionally. They outline the book and give AMAZING opinions that I wholeheartedly read prior to buying. Mine will be nothing like theirs.But this book. I couldn’t NOT tell anyone and everyone how amazing this book is. I’m still raw. Knox’s love for both Naomi and Waylay. It was so pure and touching. This wasn’t like most romcoms that are so over the top ridiculous. This felt so real. Please please please PLEASE give me more! Sloan and Lucian ASAP!!!

  2. jc

    Don’t waste your time…I read the reviews on this book and I was so excited to settle in for a long nights reading…. however….I was mislead big time!I guess those who read and reviewed this book don’t care about the liberal use of the F word. There is very little use for this word unless someone is pouring vegetable oil on your stomach while attempting to rape you and you kick their manhood as hard as you can tells them to get the F off you.It could have been good but it was pure trash and I only read 4 chapters!!

  3. BookAddict

    “Every time you smile at me, I feel like I hıt the lottery again.”Oh my heart, Knockemout, Virginia, is my new favorite fıctional town! It’s a small town where gossip spreąds faster than wıldfıre and the technology-era game of telephone distorts reality in the most outrageous, hilarious ways. It’s a place where the people open their arms to a new person who‘s all alone, and a place where the whole town, and I mean the entire town, shows up and has your back.Naomi Witt never intended to stay in Knockemout, but when her evıl twin steąls Naomi’s car and dųmps a niece Naomi never knew she had on her, Naomi’s organized, structured, list-making life get tòssed out the window. She soon finds the charm and kindness of smąll-town folks who accept and support her unconditionally. Surprisingly, much of that comes from the unlikeliest of people, Knox Morgan.Knox Morgan pretty much *is* the town. His lottery wınnings have opened and revitalized a few businesses, including the polıce station (and, oh boy, is there ever a story there!). And he certainly exemplifies the Knockemout approach to problem solving through a good fıst fıght and sharing a few beers afterwards. But Knox doesn’t do relationships. He lets a lady know what’s what up front, and they part as friends. It’s what works for him. Until it doesn’t. Until Naomi and her niece, Waylay.With her trademark humor and incredible dėpth of heart, this crafty wordsmith outdoes herself once again. She reminds us that loss is the dąrker side of life, and that each of us grıeves in our own unique way. That the paın we experience becomes a part of the fabric of our life. And that it’s up to us to make our tapestry something stròng and beautiful to not only be better able to face future challenges, but to treasure the precious gifts each day brings.I laughed. I cried. I laughed while I cried, and I definitely blųshed, and it was the best, most delıcious emotıonal rıde! Knox and Naomi’s story is an epic, spectacular read that will easily maintain its place on my list of tòp five reads for the year.If you’re looking for a book that manıpulates your heartstrings so masterfully you feel even the slightest nuances alongside the bıggest, messıest emotıons, look no further. With a lıttle suspense and angst added in, I guarantee you’ll fall hąrd for this wouņded hero, admire and cheer for this stròng, quirky heroine, and you’ll love every second you spend in this extraordinary, heartfelt, unforgettable read.

  4. Svetlana

    EhThis book is not great. The main characters are annoying and have no chemistry. I’m not sure who started the “grumpy” trope, but I just wish it would stop. This character was not grumpy, he was a possessive, abusive, Neanderthal. No woman in her right mind finds that behavior attractive. There were also way too many characters, it was impossible to keep track. This is the fourth book of hers in a row that I disliked, probably my last.

  5. Jennifer

    An exceptional and incredibly entertaining readI don’t know what universe I was living in that I still hadn’t experienced Lucy Score’s writing. I am over the moon after finishing this book. This was an exceptional story filled with heart, humour, and heat that had me laughing and smiling my way through. I loved the characters, the animosity and bickering, the tension and angst, the emotion and drama, and the building love between two stubborn and determined characters. This checked every box of things I love about romance.From Naomi and Knox’s first encounter it was hate at first sight. These two didn’t get off on the right foot at all. But boy, did sparks fly! Naomi and Knox had so much sexual tension and the heat between them was scorching. I loved their witty banter and how they got under each other’s skin. There was an excellent build to their developing relationship with off the charts sexual tension happening. I loved Naomi and Knox’s vulnerable moments and when they opened up and shared as well. I loved their struggle and conflict as they got closer and more emotion came into play. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for them to get together.This was an incredibly entertaining read and the writing was exceptional. A laugh out loud story that made my reader heart happy. There were so many wonderful secondary characters in the mix that made it feel rich and full, and it was these characters that helped to create so many fun and meaningful scenes. There was so much great attention to detail throughout and I loved how some things came full circle at the end making it that much more significant.This is one of those books I started reading and everything immediately clicked for me. Humour and heart with a fantastic amount of sexiness mixed in. I just had a blast reading this and losing myself in Naomi and Knox’s story. The slow burn in this book was tantalisingly exceptional and made my heart extremely happy. The Things We Never Got Over is officially a new favourite, and I really hope this is the start of a new series!

  6. LouB

    Funny, emotional, great characters. I’ll read more Lucy Score!!This is the first Lucy Score book I’ve read.I was attracted to the cover with the daisies. It looked different to other romance books with hot men or couples. And the book is different – it has more emotional depth, more wisdom, more humour, more likeable characters and hot but flawed guys. There is a whole cast of great secondary characters and I hope there are follow up books about mysterious Lucian (Lucy) and whatever is going on with sassy Librarian Sloane and about Knox’s brother Nash.Naomi’s 11 year old niece has had a difficult childhood with her mum, Tina (the evil twin). But she has turned out likeable, smart, mature and funny. The relationship between her and her Aunt Naomi (the good twin) and Knox is at the heart of the book and it is heartwarming story. There are lots of people and dogs in this book who come together to protect and support Naomi and her niece – family by birth and by choice – and it makes the book feel warm, loving and fun, despite the difficult start Naomi’s niece has had.I can’t wait for more Knockemout books and in the meantime I will be reading more Lucy Score books!

  7. Ebony Cropper

    A book I’ll never get over!Well how can I ignore this book when it has so many of my favourite tropes. Runaway bride, enemy to lovers, mistaken identity.This book left me at 1:30am in the morning full of human feelings as I couldn’t help but melt with the outcomes.Naomi was not only a runaway bride but constantly running to the aid of everyone else, including to the small town of Knockemount to help out her black sheep identical twin Tina out of trouble.However, this not only led her to be mistakenly constantly as Tina, feeling the anger of a whole town but to be stood toe to toe with an grumpy, tattooed, Viking looking man who got under her skin from the moment they met in a yelling match in the local cafe. One thing this book taught me is not to get in the way of Naomi or her caffeine.Naomi finds herself in a strange town, nowhere to go and an 11 year old niece to look after she never knew existed. Well this was a bumpy ride but my god my heart could not take the energy between alpha male Knox and Naomi.There was much baggage between the pair, but ultimately they needed something from each other.The side characters were freaking amazing. Waylay being a standout. From badass female pals to brooding best friends, Charming police chiefs and the grandparents of a lifetime. Plus doggos !With danger on top of figuring out a new life there was a lot to unpack but this town really rallied around Naomi and Waylay. I think the dynamics, the constant need to continue reading was so fun to read as I just didn’t want to out the books down.Some bucket holes, broken noses, a wedding dress and a love heart charm later and it was everything I didn’t know I needed. Some parts a little far fetched which is why it wasn’t quite 5 stars but woah! That will live rent free in my brain for a long time.

  8. AhGlasgow

    Books we never get over!I am a long-standing Lucy Score fan but this book really stands out even among my faves by her so far.It’s a mix of the things I love most about her books: crazy small town with fabulous characters, a dash of danger and mystery à la Riley Thorne, smart relatable main and supporting characters (like in all her books), and steam, wit and heart throughout.I am so happy there will be more books set in Knockemout! Bring it on!!

  9. Lynn McShane-Stewart

    I laughed, I cried and I’m sad it’s over!Grumpy/sunshine is one of my favourite tropes and this is now one of my favourites! Naomi stumbles in to town looking for her wayward sister only run into the town grump Knox. They clash immediately, he thinks she is her troublemaker sister and tries to throw her out, she’s just had the worst couple of days or her life and isn’t in the mood to take his crap. They are at odds from the start but Knox can’t help himself and tries to help Naomi sort out her sisters mess. Naomi is suddenly the guardian of her sisters 11 year old daughter and really needs all the help she can get. Knox keeps giving her mixed signals, he’s rude and doesn’t want her around but he helps her in every way possible. Naomi tries to stay out of his way, but they are constantly drawn together. They might not like each (or maybe they really do) but they can’t fight the spark between them. When Naomi’s parents turn up they pretend to be in a relationship but things become all too real and Knox can’t handle it. Tina, Naomi’s sister, brings drama and danger in to their lives. This book made me laugh, it made me cry and I didn’t want it to end. Naomi is sweet, sexy, smart and too loving for her own good. Knox is a millionaire, hot, loyal and scared of losing anyone else. They do not make sense but they do make each other whole. I can’t wait to read more of this series!

  10. kbxo

    all the small town feels4.5 delicious stars!Lucy Score has absolutely excelled herself with this book, I loved every single main character and side character, I’m honestly so glad it said at the end there’s more to come from Knockemout because I’m not ready to leave this small town at all.I was gripped from the get go of being introduced to Naomi who really enters with all the drama and sass, I loved her immediately. Knox follows quickly and I absolutely loved him and their first encounter, you could feel their chemistry straight away but definitely not insta-lovey, the tension was fantastic.Waylay oh how you made me feel so much, I loved the growth she took and the huge family unit she ended up gathering along the way.Now Knox made me mad when he called things off and I gasped, voice noted my friend in outrage and had to take 5. For me there wasn’t enough grovelling on his behalf but I did like how he knew immediately he made a mistake.I want to live in Knockemout and I can’t wait for the next book whoever it may be.. I’m secretly hoping it’s Lucy and Sloane and I hope Nash gets a happily ever after too! Loved the sibling rivalry and relationship.

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