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Rebel’s Blade by Frost Kay – A YA Medieval Fantasy Tackling Social Issues

One story. Two sides. One goal: save Aermia. Sage Blackwell is a secretly trained swordsmith who takes on her family’s forge when her father runs ill. Her strongeset desire is to help the neglected Aermians, but is bound to provide for her own… until she is offered a chance to make a difference. Sage knows the risks: imprisonment, or death. She’s still willing to take them, however, to protect her family. But when her plans unravel, she finds herself facing her sworn enemies, the princes of Aermia. Meanwhile, Tehl Ramses is drowning. The crops are being burned, the villages pillaged, and the citizens disappearing. A rebellion is brewing, and as the crown prince and acting ruler, Tehl must find a way to crush it before civil war sweeps his kingdom. He’ll do everything that he needs to save his people – and yet his prisoner is not all what he expected.

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Our Summary

Rebel’s Blade is a YA medieval fantasy set in the kingdom of Aermia. It follows two sides of a war: Tehl, the acting ruler, and Sage, who wants to help the people. As Sage risks her life for the Aermians, and Tehl seeks to crush rebellion, the two face each other, their plans unraveling, their enemies not at all who they expected. Fans of Trickster’s Queen and The First Year will completely love this epic YA fantasy adventure that will leave you breathless long after the last page.

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What Readers Are Saying

This book has rekindled my love for medieval fantasy. Mostly because I’m a fan of all things modern, like running water. That and they treated woman poorly, so, I’m not drawn to those types of books, mostly because I get pissed off. But Frost has giving me a kick ass female lead, that I would work with any day.” – E.A. Walsh, Amazon reviewer ★★★★
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Oh my damn, this book! My newest obsession. I fell in love with Sage immediately. And those delicious princes… Tehl, Sam, and Gav will still anyone’s heart and leave them panting for more. The characters in this book are absolutely some of my favorite characters of all time.” – Kindle Customer ★★★★★
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Kay brings the reader into a believable medieval setting describing a kingdom in decline and a lower class needing change. So many times I felt my emotions moved by the author, and not just a little bit but big swings that at times had my heart pounding and my breathing labored.” – Andrew C Earl ★★★★★
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About the Author

Frost Kay writes NA and YA fantasy. She loves Beauty and the Beast, and spends her time imagining fantastical worlds with characters you’ll fall in love with. Find her online at You can also follow her on Twitter @FrostKayAuthor.
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Preview the Book

Rebel’s Blade is a YA epic fantasy that will appeal to fans of medieval settings, kingdoms, excellent world-building, nuanced characters, rebellions, rulers, stories that tackle social issues, and main characters you’ll fall in love with.

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