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The Schinderlings by Mykee Steen – A YA Fantasy Novel About Modern-Day Princes

In a world similar enough to call your own, one small country has had a massive effect on a geopolitical scale. From ancient legends to the present heirs of the throne, the Schinderlings have not only made their mark on history, but continue to make vast strokes in the records.

Two modern day princes, Samoht and Leahcim, have been raised in the U.S., estranged from their father as well as their culture, but a yearning to explore the world they have seen so little of brings them to confront their place in it. Hearing whispers of their divine blood and witnessing proof of it soon after forces the brothers to prepare themselves not only to be leaders of a small nation, but also guardians for all humankind.

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About the Author

Mykee Steen loves to watch Prince Ea videos and to meditate. He is the director of the film, Oniphron, and helps others edit and liven up their books and screenplays. You can visit him online at, or on Twitter @MykeeSteen.
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The Schinderlings is a YA superhero fantasy novel that will appeal to fans of action, adventure, royalty, different worlds, divine blood, and the challenges that siblings can face.

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