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Self-publishing resources for authors (book design templates and more!)

Over the past ten years, I’ve been building resources to help authors publish better looking books. Since I make most of my resources free, it’s been a challenge to invest in high-quality tools, but I’ve done what I can and built templates and tutorials, especially for authors on a budget who can’t afford to hire help.

That said, I’m pretty proud of some of the resources I’ve been working on. My book formatting templates for Word and InDesign have gotten tens of thousands of downloads, and soon I’ll be unveiling an updated version of my online cover design tool with a new package of cover design templates and even a 3D book generator for online promotion.

This site is one of the many auxiliary I’ve created, and though I don’t update it often, it’s still a great place for you to post your own content, to boost SEO for your own book or website.

If you need more help with book marketing, you can grab a copy of Guerrilla Publishing from my main site,

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