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Shifters Alliance by Shaun L. Griffiths – YA Magical Fantasy With Shifters and Animals

An unknown land and a Gateway. That’s where Kerri’s best friends are taken, used as pawns in a raging conflict for a precious Crystal that has made civilizations fall in the fight to control it. In an attempt to save them, Kerri passes through the portal – only to find that the world she knew no longer exists, and that before her stretches a land of dangers, of shifting Bears, Mountain Lions, and raging winter storms. All the while, as Kerri trudges through the snow-bound alpine passes, something ancient and evil stirs awake in a deep, primordial forest, watching the raging conflict. The corrupted apes wait for the war that will enable them to posses the Crystal, inflicting revenge and destruction along the way. The possessor of the Crystal will hold the future of the known world in their lands, and it is up to Kerri to form an Alliance in order to save her abandoned friends – and their souls.

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Our Summary

Shifters Alliance is a YA magical fantasy set in a world filled with shifters. The story revolves around Kerri, who enters a Gateway to a strange land to save her friends, and gets caught up in the conflict between creatures vying for the extremely powerful Crystal. Fans of The Golden Compass and The Jungle Book will love this animal fantasy book that will stay with you long after the last page.

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What Readers Are Saying

Mr. Griffiths makes you care deeply about Sam, Kerri, LuLu, Jojo, and even Sonny, and what happens to them. The worlds they live in are complex and dangerous and intertwined, the enemies destructive, but it’s the humanness and the universal truths this book represents that make it a stand out.” – Hillary, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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First book of the trilogy, and what an introduction to this land of shifters and a looming resident evil it is! I haven’t read many fantasy stories containing shifters because they appear to be peopled with over-sexed, unintelligent cardboard cutouts, or perhaps I’ve just been very unlucky in my reading choices thus far. This shifter book totally changed my outlook.” – Mandy Walkden-Brown, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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The quest is fast paced, takes on loads of different locations and introduces many characters. There are some thought proving themes introduced in the dialogue, such as a boy who’s afraid of his father and how he deals with it. Also about how two sides end a conflict by talking rather than fighting. There are many twists and turns.” – Amazon Customer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Shaun L. Griffiths was born in South Wales. He studied Electronic Engineering at Llandaff College, graduating top of his class. He now lives in Poland with his family and their dog, in a house they built in a forest. Visit him online at You can also follow him on Twitter @shaunwriter.

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Preview the Book

Shifters Alliance is a YA mythical fantasy book that will appeal to fans of magic, alternate worlds, portals, adventures, gateways, shifters, animals, powerful crystals, rescues, deep forests, dangerous journeys, alliances, and heroines who are determined to save everyone.

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