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Stealer by A.M. Yates – A YA Paranormal Fantasy With Parallel Worlds


A Thief. A Portal. A New World. But can she get back home again? Home alone over spring break, Dee looks forward to a week free from worries about her sliding grades, her lack of friends, and her mom’s overbearing boyfriend. But when she chases a thief out of her house, she ends up with a whole new set of troubles . . . in a whole new world. The Crescent. Where everyday objects possess extraordinary power. Where countless other worlds are mere steps away. And where the High Minister has a plan for a greater future . . . that Dee really didn’t mean to screw up. Really. Pursued by masked hunters, all Dee wants is to get back home again. Yet her every move only entangles her deeper in the fantastic and dangerous new world of the Crescent.


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Our Summary

Stealer is a YA paranormal fantasy set in the world of the Crescent. The story revolves around Dee, whose normal world and normal problems disappear when she enters the Crescent. Now she has to face a world with extraordinary powers, and avoid the masked hunters chasing her as she tries to find a way home. Fans of The Hunger Games and Angelfall will enjoy this science fantasy thriller that will take your breath away until the very last page.

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What Readers Are Saying

An adventure from the neighbor’s shrubbery and to another world. She discovers she has a name there, in the world her father came from. Danger stalks her and other “stealers.” Her determination to get home is unwavering. Exciting from beginning to end. I am eager to read the next book!” – MartyReads, Amazon user ★★★★★
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Here’s the mark of what I see as a highly capable and talented writer. It takes a lot of skill and craft to be able to create multiple different series of books without having them end up feeling like slightly varying iterations of each other. And if there is anything I take clearly from reading AM Yates’ book, Stealer, it’s that she has, once again, managed to create a universe that feels completely original and unique.” C. Clark, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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Fast paced and action packed, this book will have you by the edge of your seat. Both worlds in the book are well written and believable. I loved seeing how Dee’s character developed throughout the book. I think you see her grow up a lot and come into her own. I also loved the romance triangle. Dee, Verge, and Hunter were so interesting and brilliantly complex. ” – Laura Henderson, Amazon reviewer ★★★★
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About the Author

According to random social media quiz results, A.M. Yates is Yoda, Jon Snow, Luna Lovegood, and Michonne. Which probably sheds light on why she often writes about thoughtful, quirky outsiders who can kick butt when necessary. Her favorite books all contain an element of magic, fantasy, or the supernatural–and at least a hint of romance. When not in her storyworlds, she can occasionally be found in a riverside cabin with a rabbit and a goose, who may actually be her husband and son. You can check out her work at and e-mail her at You can also follow her on Twitter @amyatesauthor.

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Preview the Book

Stealer is a paranormal suspense thriller novel that will appeal to fans of science fantasy, parallel worlds, chases, thieves, portals, and heroines who get in trouble.

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