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The 25 Years by Bob Schueler – A Mental Health Psychological Thriller

Paul Abernathy is fighting to get back his life. He’s spent twenty-odd years in a group home, just so he can stay out of trouble. But things get bad there anyway. Bad enough that he should run for his life, bad enough that he might want to go back to a world where people will just call him crazy. But perhaps what is bad can push Paul to something much better.





Our Summary

The 25 Years is a mental health psychological thriller. The story follows Paul Abernathy, as he tries to find a way around the impending danger that is happening in his group home – and struggles to find a way out of all of it. Fans of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Shutter Island will love this murder thriller that will keep you breathless until the very last page.

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What Readers Are Saying

Terrific character development giving us enough of a connection to the characters that you can’t help rooting for the good guys fighting the good fight and really wanting those putting up the roadblocks against them to get what they deserve.” – cin, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ 
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The characters and the conversations were well developed. As the story developed there was suspense that drew you into the offices and centers dealing with this community of the mentally challenged.” – Hatpin, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ 
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The 25 Years is a compelling and inspiring story that opens a window into the lives of people who are often marginalized. Bob Schueler really captures the nitty gritty of the places and institutions he writes about. I tend to be rather picky about novels, but this one I truly enjoyed…and I learned some things in the process. I recommend it highly.” – C. Hoffman, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ 
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About the Author

Bob Schueler worked for forty-five years in rehabilitation and recovery services before retiring in 2012. Since then, he has been working on his writing, which explores issues in mental health recovery services and how people with mental illness or psychiatric disability are treated. He lives in Arlingdon, Massachusetts with his wife Dolores and his dog, Nora. You can visit his website at You can also follow him on Twitter @BobLSchueler.
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Preview the Book

The 25 Years is a psychological suspense thriller that will appeal to fans of crime stories, mental  health illness awareness, murder mysteries, multiple perspectives, and a protagonist who is determined to find a way out of all danger.

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