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The Crypto Intro – Learn Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency by Nathan Rose

Want to get started with Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency? The Crypto Intro features the exact steps a newcomer needs to take to buy their first Bitcoin, store it safely, and begin using it. Readers will also learn the “why” of cryptocurrency, and the big issues surrounding these exciting new digital assets.

“Public blockchain and crypto will be as important of a technology over the next twenty-five years as the Internet was over the last twenty-five. Nathan’s book offers a clear explanation for the non-technical reader of not just why, but how to get on board.” – Taylor Pearson, Author of The End of Jobs

“As a very effective introduction, The Crypto Intro covers the prior and current financial landscape, the good and the bad, as well as the social groups that influence this new technology. It covers wallets, how to acquire cryptocurrency, the different methods to keep them safe, all while educating the reader with the new set of terms.” – Phil Champagne, Author of The Book of Satoshi

“”This is the first book I’ve felt comfortable recommending to an absolute crypto-beginner. It starts with the basics and terminology, explains how crypto works, and finally how to buy and store your crypto safely.” – Michael Henman, Invest In Blockchain

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