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The Great Life Redesign by Caroline Cameron – A Success Self-Help Book

Renovate your life and consider a better way to live. That is what The Great Life Redesign aims to help you with, as it helps you reshape the life you already have and turn it into the life you’ll definitely love. With practical, simple techniques to apply and inspiring personal stories of other changed lives, this book will show you how to live your dream and make it happen.



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Our Summary

The Great Life Redesign is an inspirational success self-help book that aims to help you renovate your own life. It aims to help you reshape the life you have and turn it into your optimal life in the 21st century. Fans of The Tipping Point and How to Win Friends and Influence People will love this amazing personal development book, that will show you how to live and fulfill your own dreams.

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What Readers Are Saying

Each chapter has practical and easy steps with case studies to ensure you follow your dream and are true to yourself. Worth buying for anyone who is unhappy with their life and needs that kick in the pants to change their life.” – Cathy, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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Easy to relate to, inspiring real life stories and practical advice & tools are what make this book stand out from the crowd of self help books. I particularly liked the simple life repairs and room by room renovations to revamp your “current” life – it doesn’t always have to be a significant life change.” – George Andrysik, Amazon reviewer ★★★★
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Very practical! Contains lots of useful information. A book that you can pick up and read in small doses.” – Belinda Bekkers, Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Caroline Cameron is an executive, career & lifestyle coach, an author, and a speaker. She is a self-professed ‘change junkie’ and has changed her lifestyle and her careers many times, to find the one she wants best. She loves discovering and sharing new ways to take the struggle out of change.  Visit her book website at You can also follow her on Twitter @CaroCameron.
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Preview the Book

The Great Life Redesign is a business self-help book that will appeal to fans of success, success stories, personal development, life improvement, life tips, life coaching, planning, and reshaping your own life.

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