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The House of Three Murders by Gary J. George – A Legal Suspense Thriller Tackling Racial Prejudice

The House of Three Murders has been squatted in, abandoned and decaying, deep in the middle of the vast Mojave Desert. A site of gruesome and bloody multiple murders that have passed into legend, the house has remained nearly forgotten. But then, on a November night in 1960, five people appear at the same time – and one dies of a gunshot wound. Three are teenagers from the desert town of Smoke Tree, and go to the House to burn it to the ground on a whim – unaware that there are two men inside. Events spiral out of control, and none of their lives will ever be the same – especially the life of a man who is alive. A young Native American from the Fort Mojave Band of Mojave Indians is bound next to the dead man when the teenagers arrive, and escapes the fire on a life-changing adventure to discover his sumach ‘a hot, his special gift. But what he finds may disappoint him.

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Our Summary

The House of Three Murders is a legal suspense thriller set in the Mojave Desert. The story revolves around the House of Three Murders, a site of killings where five people arrive on a fated night, to set events racing and to unwittingly change their lives forever. Fans of Wise Blood and Dance Hall of the Dead will love this gothic mystery book that will engage you until the very end.

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What Readers Are Saying

Courtroom scenes are fast moving and told with the knowledge of an experienced hand. There is much here to grab you, to hold you, and to compel you onward. The House of Three Murders is a terrific story told with clarity and yet, there is much under the surface. Astute readers will be gratified with more.” – David J. Heslop, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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Set in the American Southwest in the late 1950s it is about good people trying to do the right thing in an age where racial prejudice against Indians and Mexicans was endemic. Having come of age during this time I can relate, which is part of the pleasure of reading this book. As an aside, I spent a lot of fun time looking up the various desert flora and fauna named in this book (there are a lot.)” – Virginia Yank, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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I enjoy books by authors like Tony Hillerman and Craig Johnson. This book is very much in that vein and I enjoyed it very much. The characters are complex and beautifully fleshed out. I loved them for their unflinching loyalty and blue-collar good sense. The spare dialog is very much in character for the small-town rural west.” – Tanya, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Gary George lived in Needles, California for eleven years. His currently available novels are all set in the Mojave Desert in the 1960s. He is married to children’s author Ginny Boyd.
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Preview the Book

The House of Three Murders is a suspense thriller book that will appeal to fans of mystery, courtroom scenes, legal problems, stories about racial prejudice, Indians, Mexicans, the Mojave Desert, deaths, trials, and compelling, interlocking stories.

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