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The Keeper of Dragons: The Prince Returns by J.A. Culican – A YA Adventure Fantasy with Dragons

A mystical calling, and the lure of danger and destiny. When Cole learns that he is a dragon fated to save all that was deemed true, his entire reality spirals into an uncontrollable battle for life or death. The world is being bent by creatures intent on controlling the Earth and bringing an end to the dragons, and Cole, as the new Prince of Ochana and the Keeper of Dragons, must keep the nefarious farro-fallen fairies at bay. But he has no formal training, and no control of his mahier-dragon magic. Most of all, Cole’s afraid – because he does not know if he will be able to reach outside of his human side and embrace his destiny, to fight the farros.

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Our Summary

The Keeper of Dragons is a YA adventure fantasy with dragons, set in an Earth with magical creatures. The story revolves around Cole, who discovers that he is a powerful dragon set to save the world, and who must fight the farros in order to keep everyone safe. Fans of Eragon and Harry Potter will love this epic magical fantasy, that will keep you thrilled until the last page.

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What Readers Are Saying

Culican’s story is highly imaginative, fanciful, and magical—everything a fantasy novel should be. Her characters are endearing, her plot is exciting, and her world-building is intriguing and inspired. Cole’s character, in particular, will win the hearts of readers, as they watch him discover his true life and calling, and embrace a destiny rife with challenges and danger. Fans of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings won’t want to miss out on this adventurous tale.” – Nicole Taylor, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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A page turning thriller, The Prince Returns will pull you in and have you reading for hours. I couldn’t put this book down, and I was so sad when it ended. You’ll find yourself falling in love with Cole, the reluctant hero who finds his new life suddenly thrust upon him out of the blue as he turns 18.” – Liliyana, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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An absolutely entertaining story of magic, love, and intrigue encompassing multiple worlds, people, and cultures. I loved the characters and setting. The hardest thing about it was having it end. Wished it could have gone on longer. Definitely excited to read the next book when it comes out!” – Michael K. Shelton, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

J.A. Culican lives in New Jersey with her husband and their four young children. She teaches by day and is a writer by night. You can visit her website at You can also follow her on Twitter @jaculican.
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Preview the Book

The Keeper of Dragons is a YA dragon fantasy book that will appeal to fans of magic, dragons, mysterious identities, mythical creatures, dangerous enemies, hidden identities, nature, dragon princes, adventure, and destinies.

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