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The Paris Apartment review: City of Love or City of Secrets?

book review

While waiting for my Uber in Montmartre last summer, I stumbled upon a quaint little bookstore tucked between a patisserie and a postcard shop. In the window display, “The Paris Apartment” beckoned. Parisian tales have always held a special allure for me—perhaps a lingering sentiment from my brief love affair with a Parisian poet during a year abroad. I remember the cobblestone streets, the hints of mysteries tucked in every corner, and the tantalizing allure of secrets waiting to be unfurled. Would “The Paris Apartment” offer me a whiff of those memories?


“The Paris Apartment” transports the reader into the heart of Paris, but it’s not the City of Love you’re accustomed to. When Jess arrives in Paris, she expects her estranged brother Ben to greet her. Instead, she’s met with a locked apartment, police at the door, and a web of enigmas. As she delves into Ben’s world, Jess unravels a maze of elite Parisian socialites, hidden treasures, and dark secrets. Every discovery poses more questions, and Jess finds herself questioning not just Ben’s life but her own choices.

7 Notable Quotes

  1. “Paris, with all its beauty, hid its secrets well, just below the shimmer.”
  2. “In the heart of the city, amid the laughter and wine, shadows whispered tales of the forgotten.”
  3. “It’s the stories we don’t tell that haunt our corridors the most.”
  4. “The Seine wasn’t just a river; it carried the city’s confessions.”
  5. “Trust, in a city of masks, was the rarest gem.”
  6. “Every locked door in Paris hides a story begging to be told.”
  7. “Family isn’t just blood—it’s the stories we entwine with our own.”


Reading “The Paris Apartment” was like peeling an onion, with layers of suspense and intrigue revealing themselves one after another. The novel reminds me of that Parisian poet, with his layers of complexity and unspoken tales. The essence of Paris, its hidden alleys and silent tales, reverberates through every page. The protagonist Jess is every bit as mesmerizing, with her relentless quest for the truth, even if it means confronting uncomfortable realities. It’s a tale that challenges perceptions, making you question the façades we present and the secrets we guard.

Rating: 4.5/5

TV or Film Adaptations

Whispers suggest that “The Paris Apartment” is heading for a silver screen adaptation. Sony Pictures’ 3000 has acquired film adaptation rights to Lucy Foley’s new book. Given its rich tapestry of intrigue, suspense, and romance, it’s poised to be a visual and narrative feast. I’m already daydreaming of a premiere in a Parisian cinema, reminiscing my Montmartre moments.

Author Bio

A deep dive into the author’s background reveals a fascinating trajectory. Having lived in Paris for a stint and having been a part of journalistic circles, it’s evident where the authentic touches in the narrative come from. An avid traveler, the essence of places she’s visited often seep into her tales, making them rich and immersive.

FAQ or Reading Questions

  1. In what ways does the city of Paris serve as a character in its own right in the narrative?
  2. Jess’s character undergoes significant evolution. What pivotal moments catalyzed her transformation?
  3. The theme of trust permeates the novel. Discuss its various manifestations through characters and events.
  4. How does the author use symbolism, especially in terms of Parisian landmarks, to forward the narrative?
  5. The conclusion offers a resolution, but also ambiguity. What do you envision happens after the final page?

Where to Buy
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