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The Survival of the Gingerbread Girl: A Lullaby by Illana Barran – A Children’s Classic Folktale Retelling with A Musical Twist


Do you have a colicky baby?  Here is your remedy!  This classic, musical adaption with a dramatic twist, will be your go to lullaby. Illana learned quickly how to soothe her crying baby.  “Life is learning,” she said.  “By the time you’re half way through your baby or toddler will be fast asleep.  What a potent medicine indeed! Go ahead, sing this tale with any tune, and I promise you happier times ahead!” The Gingerbread Girl is smart, brave and utterly witty.  You can’t pull a wool over her eyes – Do you want to know what happened to her? Let’s turn the pages and sing aloud… this enchanting tale and give it a twirl and before you know it, sleep will be induced in your world!


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Our Summary

The Survival of the Gingerbread Girl is a children’s classic folktale retelling. It follows the Gingerbread Girl as she attempts to escape the many people and things that pursue her. Written to be sung, and with tasty gingerbread-based recipes for with your child, the book makes the classic tale of the Gingerbread’s escape much more fun and interactive. Fans of The Mother Goose tales and the Brothers Grimm will love this wonderful fairy tale retelling, that will stay with you and your little one long after you finish the last page.

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What Readers Are Saying

The girls at once enjoyed looking at the colorful childlike drawings throughout. The pop of colors, especially the shade of blue, scattered throughout the pages led the eye from one page to the next.” – Author Groupie, Amazon reviewer ★★★★
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This is a wonderful young children’s book. I always loved the “Gingerbread Man”; it is about time for the Gingerbread Girl! What is even better is that it is a lullaby that can be sung. It is entertaining, soothing, and melodic.” – C M Anderson, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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I thought the art work was a good match to the story line…The gingerbread girl looks like one that might be baked and appears throughout the book just the same, with only slight variations in her shape. This 40-page story will keep children interested…until they are drowsy… La La!” – Glenda, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Illana Barran is an author and illustrator.  She was inspired to write this classic, musical adaption while singing stories to her young daughter.  Singing, she found, calmly help a child go to sleep at nap time, bedtime or just because it’s fun.  Illana is an avid, artist who teaches beginning, painting classes to young students.  She also enjoys photography and resides in Connecticut with her family.
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Preview the Book

The Survival of the Gingerbread Girl is a folk tale retelling that will appeal to fans of children’s books, lullabies, fairy tales, classic tales, melodies, musicals, verses, recipes, gingerbread, and having loving, wonderful moments with their little ones.

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