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The Yellow Star: Shines Like A Candle In the Dark by Aaron Seth, Illustrated by Illana Barran – A Young Reader’s Historical Fiction Book About the Holocaust


What is life worth, when nothing is left? Young Aharon, no more than twelve, tells us his struggles during the Holocaust. Despite the atmosphere and religious differences, he was able to relive the Passover Seder with a gentile friend. How can a young boy subsist when he lost almost everyone he loved? Did he find solace through his friend’s words? Even though, the days were long and harsh Aharon gave strength when he had none left. Even though, the nights were dark and scary. Aharon gave hope when he had none left. Even though the days and nights turned into years of tears, Aharon gave courage when all else fails.

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Our Summary

The Yellow Star: Shines Like A Candle In the Dark is a children’s historical fiction book. The story revolves around young twelve-year-old Aharon, as he finds hope while living through the terrifying and harsh Holocaust. Fans of The Diary of A Young Girl and The Book Thief will love this World War II fiction book in verse, that will resonate with you until the very end.

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What Readers Are Saying

“The Yellow Star..” Is an inspiring book to read. The two brothers and Paul’s story is fascinating. Once you read the book you won’t be able to put it down. You must take a time to read an fascinating and inspiring book “The Yellow Star..” – Ash, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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As an educator that teaches about the Holocaust, I found Aaron Seth’s book to be an extremely valuable resource. Not only does it provide an interesting and helpful (though heart-wrenching) medium to learn about the historical context of this time period through a secondhand account, but it also is inspiring to see the author’s depiction of his grandfather’s life.” – Amazon Customer ★★★★★
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Wonderfully, well written book. Loved the poetic writing making it more emotional and heartfelt. The story is enjoyable for any of any age to read and it allows you to enter a personal experience through the historically tragic times. Aaron is a very talented author and I hope he continues to write more stories!” – Lauren, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

A Young Author who writes for young readers. The Yellow Star was sprouted from what he learned about his grandfather, who was in hiding during the Holocaust. Aaron’s love for history takes him around the world, deciphering historical events and bringing them to young readers of his own generation in a non-scarring way. “History can be devastating, heartbroken and very close to home”, he said, “So when I travel, I owe it to myself to communicate what I’m learning to readers of my generation, because it allows us both to learn and grow, simultaneously”.
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Preview the Book

The Yellow Star is a historical fiction book that will appeal to fans of children’s fiction, teen fiction, World War II, verse, stories about the Holocaust, inspiring stories, and young, determined protagonists.

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