I'm Loving Books

Girl of Fire by Norma Hinkens – A YA Science Fiction Dystopian Novel Spanning Planets

Trattora is the adopted daughter of the Chieftain on a primitive frontier planet. Velkan, meanwhile, is an indentured serf who has never known what it feels like to be free. The two find themselves fleeing a terrifying invasion by the Galactic Pirates, thrown together on a ramshackle mining vessel that is heavy with dark secrets. […]

The Gaspar Triangle by T. Michael Cross – An Adventure Mystery Thriller In the High Seas

Thomas Raymond’s career as a marine archaeologist and treasure hunter came to an end after committing a tragic mistake that cost a young Spanish girl her life. Now he has started a new life as a charter boat captain on the west coast of Florida. Keeping a struggling business afloat with a perceived coastal damage […]

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